June 5, 2019 Introducing Topcoder Smart Scope Forms: Fast, Accurate Scoping Made Simple

Introducing Topcoder Smart Scope Forms: Fast, Accurate Scoping Made Simple

For more than 15 years Topcoder has led the way in crowdsourcing, helping you access and execute with the amazing digital talent that participates in the Gig Economy. Our customers routinely tout our speed and ability to help them start and scale work faster. Well, our need for speed continues with our newest platform release and we think you’re going to like what you see.

Introducing Topcoder Smart Scope Forms: Starting work with world-class digital talent just got a lot easier, faster, and more transparent. Over the next month, Topcoder will be releasing smart scope forms into the customer platform. These smart scope forms, built upon Topcoder’s solutions catalog, will:

  • Enable you to get a quick, real-time estimate on the cost and timeline of your project, based upon the deliverables you indicate that you need.
  • Provide you project sizing, including an estimated duration for the components of the project, as well as the timeline for the entire project.
  • Decrease your time spent in the scoping phase, allowing work to begin on Topcoder that much faster.

Example Smart Scope Form for Apps:

The first Smart Scope Forms released on 6/4 provide the functionality shown (samples above and below) for scoping all design, development, data visualization and QA Services pre-packaged solutions. Additionally, a Smart Scope Form for buying prepaid budget to use however you desire is available, so you can work with Topcoder more seamlessly than ever.

Example Smart Scope Form for Data Visualization:

With Topcoder Smart Scope Forms, you and your team can instantly gain an accurate vision into the cost and duration of your projects. We promise to keep innovating so that you have the simplest way to access and execute with the incredible digital talent in the Topcoder community.

Want to try Smart Scope Forms for yourself? Click here to configure your project.

Ariel Shields

Product Manager

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