January 27, 2017 Introducing the Topcoder Cognitive Community

Topcoder and IBM have partnered to launch the Topcoder Cognitive Community, which officially goes live today! This segment of the broader Topcoder Community is for developers interested in learning how to utilize the power of Watson to create next-level AI applications, APIs, and solutions. Here’s everything you need to know to participate.

Fun Cognitive Challenges

Together with our partners at IBM Watson, we are rolling out a series of fun and educational Cognitive challenges. These challenges are designed to help you learn everything you need to compete in future Cognitive development challenges—and get ready for the jobs of tomorrow.
Beginning today, you will notice these educational challenges listed among all the other development challenges on Topcoder. Each Cognitive educational challenge will have the prefix of IBM Cognitive in the title, and in order to participate in them you’ll first need to join the Topcoder Cognitive Community!
The first educational challenge focuses on a simple “Hello, World” application to introduce you to Watson and Cognitive.  Other Cognitive challenges coming later will highlight the incredible abilities of Watson and require you to put them to use in an application. Each educational Cognitive challenge that you successfully complete will earn you Cognitive Points.

Cognitive Points and Leaderboard

All “Cognitive Points” you earn will be reflected in the Cognitive Leaderboard, which you can find on the Topcoder Cognitive Community microsite. Thanks to IBM, the member with the most Cognitive Points at the end of August will win a trip to the TCO17 Finals!  Check out the microsite for the complete official rules for this competition.

Join the Cognitive Community

Ready to get started with Cognitive? Visit the Topcoder Cognitive Community microsite to join. If you’re not already a member of the Topcoder Community, you’ll be registered as a member of both Topcoder and the Cognitive Community when you join.
We are very excited about this opportunity for our brilliant Topcoder Community members to learn more about the power of Watson over the next three years! Be sure to check out IBM’s press release for additional details, and I look forward to seeing you on the Cognitive Leaderboard!

nick castillo

Community Operation Manager


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