March 31, 2021 Introducing the New Topcoder Logo!

Since my first day at Topcoder until now, our brand has been so important to us. Over the years we have tried to stay true to our brand while at the same time evolving it to fit the ever changing Topcoder business. One thing that never changed was our love for our brackets.

It gives me great pleasure to unveil the newest Topcoder brand! We wanted something cutting edge and unique – which is so true to Topcoder. We brought back the brackets, the red and black, cool shadow effects, and the classie Times New Roman font. What can be better than a classic, right?

Enjoy this new logo and watch as the entire brand continues to change around the red and black brackets umbrella. It will go really nicely with our new website design as well!

Have a wonderful April 1 😉 !

Head of Community

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