March 9, 2016 Introducing IBM’s Project Castle: A Topcoder Blitz Where You Can Earn More Money

At Topcoder, we always want to do what is best for you, our community, and for our customers who provide the great projects and work that take shape in the form of Topcoder challenges. It’s with great pleasure that we proudly announce a brand new Topcoder program called Topcoder Blitz. What makes this even sweeter for us to announce is that our very first Topcoder Blitz will focus on work for a long time customer of ours… IBM !!! We know. You probably have questions like… What’s a Topcoder Blitz??? Please continue reading.

Introducing Topcoder Blitz: More Ways to Earn More Money for Your Great Work

A “Blitz” is a series of challenges launched by a single Topcoder customer that awards points toward a bonus prize pool. At the end of a Blitz, the competitors who place high in the leaderboard win a portion of the prize pool in addition to their regular challenge prize winnings!

For the duration of a Blitz, you can expect a large number of challenges focused on designing and building specific solutions for a client. The more challenges we launch, the larger the Blitz prize pool will grow.

You will earn a point for every dollar you win. If you are one of the top point-earners at the end of a Blitz, you will walk away with a chunk of the entire prize pool, on top of your challenge prize winnings!

A Blitz can can last weeks or months depending on a customer’s timeline. There could also be more than one Blitz running at the same time, focused on different customer’s work. The key is to keep an eye out for announcements of all new and upcoming Blitzes, and we promise to make it easy for you to stay updated with all Blitz opportunities.

With Blitz, you are rewarded for competing over time and like everything else we do at Topcoder, items like updated leaderboards mean that you have a completely transparent view into how you are performing against the field.

We think Blitz will be an incredibly successful program at Topcoder that both you, our community, and our customers derive great value from… and we’re kicking it off with a bang!

IBM’s Project Castle – Your First Opportunity to Participate in a Topcoder Blitz

Our long standing customer IBM wanted to take advantage of the new Blitz format right away and they’ve come prepared with a great series of challenges, all aligned to a large-scale project we’re helping them to deliver.

Project Castle is your first opportunity to participate in a Topcoder Blitz and we gotta say, we couldn’t be happier with the mix of fantastic work. The Project Castle Topcoder Blitz will canvass:

Development Challenge Types

  • Code
  • Assembly
  • UI Prototype
  • First2Finish
  • Bug Hunt

Design Challenge Types

  • Wireframe
  • Design Concepts (Storyboard)
  • Design Production (Storyboard)
  • Design First2Finish

Project Castle is already underway! View the active challenges for this Blitz and get competing, today!

At Topcoder we pride ourselves on continuously innovating and doing our very best to present you, our community, with the most opportunities to learn new skills and earn good money. We hope Topcoder Blitz is a smashing success and that you choose to participate in our very first Blitz, with our great customer, IBM.

Thank you and best of luck competing!


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