August 14, 2019 How Topcoder Helps Brands Win With AI and Edge Computing Scale

Finding critical help in talent-strapped industries like AI isn’t easy. Research by Tecent suggests that there are around 300,000 AI professionals currently operating globally. Yet the business world needs millions more to meet its need for edge computing and automation and the existing AI talent pool isn’t growing fast enough. Fortunately, you can tap people skilled in AI, edge computing, and automation professionals to scale as needed through on-demand talent platforms.

Topcoder’s AI Projects

With over 1.5 million visual design, code development, data science experts, and QA testers, Topcoder is the world’s leading crowdsourcing solution for AI projects. Topcoder’s community has assisted big names like NASA, Harvard Medical School, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) scale large projects, and we’ve helped thousands of small businesses find their unique AI and edge computing solutions in a talent-strapped market. Here are a few of the projects.

  • IBM: Topcoder has assisted IBM with on-demand app generation, visualization, and coding across multiple projects, including app prototypes, blockchain, rapid user experience design, coding, AI assistance and more.
  • Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center: The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Cancer Center teamed up with Topcoder to use AI to develop algorithms to help automate tumor delineation—the science of defining treatment field borders for tumors.
  • SpaceNet: The SpaceNet team worked with Topcoder on a project that used AI to automate the mapping of road networks and build blueprints for areas that have undergone rapid ground level changes or that do not have access to technology.
  • IARPA: IARPA joined Topcoder to develop modeling algorithms that could predict the occurrence of critical events and infectious diseases in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • USAID and Humanity United: The Model Challenge for Atrocity Prevention focused on forecasting mass atrocities to anticipate the need for critical assistance and prevention. This challenge intended to prove that forecasting these types of events (often hailed as random) is possible.
  • NASA and Planetary Resources Inc.: The Asteroid Data Hunter Challenge sought to find algorithms to help with Near-Earth Object detection (like asteroids) using NASA star images and machine learning.
  • NASA: NASA teamed up with Topcoder to develop algorithms to detect vessels practicing Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing regardless of vessel size or declared effort.
  • HP/Samasource: Samasource, an organization that helps underserved communities through a variety of assistance efforts, worked with HP and Topcoder on The Living Progress Challenge that leveraged workers in East Africa, Haiti, Ghana, and India to correct data sets processed by algorithms.
  • NIST: NIST leveraged Topcoder to develop differential privacy algorithms to ensure and improve security and privacy in data warehouses, data marts and data lakes that could ensure security by removing identifiable information from data chunks.

Tap Into the Power of AI

Topcoder helps brands tap into the power of AI and edge computing through an on-demand global community of talent. From coders to AI professionals and data scientists, Topcoder has access to . Visit to learn more or contact us to see what we can do for you.

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