July 30, 2020 How Telcos are Winning with On Demand Talent

Telecom and Media companies are in the midst of transformative change. In the race to worldwide 5G, accessing and staffing the right development talent is vital. One of our customers, a leading media and communications company, has been using on demand talent for over a decade, working on projects spanning R&D, Proof-of-Concepts, MVPs, and internal and external customer facing applications.

One of those projects is a sleek new developer portal. This customer has several large, impactful platforms where they are increasing their engagement with developers and dev communities. They needed a portal to serve as the centerpiece—a platform that leveraged existing in-house CMS, could be easily managed and updated by the business, and provided an exceptional user experience. Topcoder helped build an on-brand, modern web application that provides immediate value and clear ROI. The project went from conception to delivery within 3 months, and is a versatile solution that can be leveraged in multiple consumer channels.

Sample designs from the developer portal

As Telcos and communications companies continue their transformation, the use of on-demand talent helps them in the following ways:

  • Speed – ability to start projects faster and get to market sooner 
  • Innovation – ability to experiment rapidly and pivot to newer technologies and trends faster, ability to reach new markets with new compelling services or offerings
  • Skills to stay ahead – access to traditional developer skills and emerging, in-demand tech skills in one scale-able platform

Your talent strategy has to flex and adapt as the industry transforms, and finding new ways to execute with on demand talent is just smart.

TELECOM & ON-DEMAND TALENT ACCELERATE THE JOURNEY TO 5G. See How Telcos are Using On-Demand Talent to Think Bigger
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Alexa Baray

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