September 30, 2020 Helping Telcos Lead and Succeed in the New Normal – Key Takeaways from the Virtual Leadership Summit

We recently took part in a Virtual Leadership Summit (presented by TM Forum in collaboration with Wipro) focused on Enabling Telcos to Lead and Succeed in the ‘New Normal’. Leaders from the global telecom industry shared insights and experiences on how Telcos can supercharge their digital transformation strategies in the post-pandemic era, confidently leverage the power of cloud, and harness the the gig economy in the race to 5G. 

Milan Rao, President & Global Head Communications & Manufacturing at Wipro, shared his key takeaways from the day’s presentations and panels. Check out the video and read highlights below.

In his closing remarks, Milan shared these recurring themes and takeaways:

Never normal vs. the new normal

  • This is an interesting thing to think about as business leaders—if the change is permanent, then what do we do to be relevant in this change?
  • And how do we build in resiliency for our organization and for our consumers to make sure that we’re relevant in the never normal?

Everything has data at the core 

  • Connectivity matters because connectivity is all-pervasive, and everything has data at the core.
  • The overlay of analytics and AI on data has the potential to yield phenomenal insights for Telcos.
  • Telcos can use these insights to rethink their business processes and even their business models.

Culture and people are key to transformational DNA

  • Company culture needs to be propagated in order for organizations to successfully leverage gig talent platforms, and thrive in the never normal.
  • Virtually every organization is adopting a Fail Fast mentality. How do you not punish failures, but celebrate them?
  • In the context of people at the center of transformation – what talent is available? What competencies are available? How do you make sure on-demand talent is available? 

Cloud transformation and the importance of the right kind of cloud partnerships

  • Many organizations are thinking about the movement to cloud as a major cost element that they’re going to incur.
  • If you shift to thinking about the revenue streams which are going to accrue as a result of movement to cloud, then that cost can be very easily justified.
  • Organizations should ask themselves, “how does the transformation pay for the legacy?”

Leveraging the gig economy to the fullest in all transformations

  • Digital transformation, cloud transformation, and security. 
  • When there’s massive amounts of data, 5G, gig economy, distributed workplaces, working from anywhere, B2B2E, and B2B2C, security is going to be at the center stage of all of it.

Thank you to TM Forum and Wipro for hosting this illuminating event. If you’re a Telco looking to leverage on-demand talent, download the free Ebook: Telecom & On-Demand Talent.

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