June 19, 2020 Helping a Women’s Community Amplify Belonging Through Design

about Women Offshore Foundation

For many, the pandemic has been extremely isolating and the need for community and connection is more important than ever. Ally Cedeno, the founder of Women Offshore, understands this more than most. Her organization focuses on creating a strong community for women who work and live in off-shore environments – like an oil rig – where women are in the extreme minority. Ally launched Women Offshore to be the resource she didn’t have early in her career—when she craved mentorship and female role models in her male-dominated field. 

the challenge

We met Ally through the Oil and Gas Global Network (OGGN), and as part of a virtual conference Topcoder was invited to attend. Our team was proud to partner with Ally to help her create new, modern designs for the Women Offshore website, which is the digital hub for her community. Ally asked our Topcoder team to focus on the site’s homepage and membership portal, with a keen focus on how new visitors can engage the content and how her community members can effectively connect with one another in a shared, useful space.

In a matter of only 3 days Topcoder delivered a range of fresh, eye-catching designs. Let’s have a look at some of the sharpest design concepts the work procured.

The iterative design process produced a final result that perfectly aligned with Ally’s goals for the revamped site. We want to thank OGGN for inviting us to their virtual event, Ally for being open to having the Topcoder design community help her re-design her website, and our amazing Topcoder members who participated in this work. 

To learn more about Women Offshore, visit here.

“Topcoder exceeded our expectations in creating a custom design that fit the needs of our nonprofit organization. The design participants eagerly took on our challenge, surprising us with ways that our website could be welcoming and functional. This has been an eye-opening experience that we are grateful for.”

Ally Cedeno, Founder, Women Offshore


Alexa Baray

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