March 2, 2017 Help Create the Future of Blockchain Applications

From Bitcoin to Mycelia, OpenBazaar, and Ethereum, blockchain continues to gain momentum around the world. Enterprises like SoftBank have taken notice and are increasingly exploring ways that blockchain applications can help them solve pressing business issues.
A multinational telecom and Internet corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SoftBank has been focused on blockchain research and development for more than two years. During that time Softbank has worked on initiatives such as developing a decentralized fundraising platform through blockchain challenges here at Topcoder.
SoftBank is now expanding their focus on blockchain by seeking to identify new services that leverage blockchain technology, and they want the Topcoder Community to help!

Blockchain Ideation Series

With their upcoming Blockchain Ideation Series, Softbank is inviting Topcoder Community members to explore blockchain use cases and architect solutions (such as consensus algorithms) that maximize both public and permissioned blockchain network benefits.
This three-part challenge series kicks off on March 17, and you can register now to receive announcements for each upcoming challenge. Challenges in this series are:

  • Develop an architecture using blockchain (smart contract) technology that provides transparency for all parties involved in the automated delivery of packages via drones.
  • Ideate additional blockchain smart contract uses cases for scenarios that involve multiple parties. SoftBank is looking for solutions that enhance lives while cutting intermediate costs.
  • Build on SoftBank’s international donation platform, which was developed through Topcoder, by developing ideas for ways to motivate blockchain miners to get involved with SoftBank’s platform without requiring payment.

Get Started with Blockchain

New to blockchain? No problem. Topcoder and SoftBank have assembled blockchain resources to help you get started before the challenges begin. You can find these helpful resources on the Blockchain Ideation Series microsite.
Not only is this an incredible opportunity to get hand-on experience and hone your blockchain skills, but the winning submission could end up as part of a SoftBank commercial service. We hope to see you in the competitions!



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