January 14, 2016 Blockchain Challenges!

Have you ever heard the word blockchain? Even if you haven’t, you might have heard about bitcoin. Blockchain is the technology underlying bitcoin.

As TechCrunch mentioned as “The Future Of Finance”, blockchain is one of the latest disruptive technologies that brings a lot of differences especially to financial industry.

We strongly believe Topcoder should be the place where you can try the latest technologies and we are glad to announce that we have launched the project to utilize blockchain technology.

The project is to develop a prototype for international donation service with blockchain technology for SoftBank, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Japan. Actually the company is also famous for funny TV commercials and you can check it out by searching for “SoftBank Funny TV Commercials”.

We plan to launch 6 challenges for this project, 1 design challenge, 1 UI prototype challenge, 2 learning challenges and 2 assembly challenges. We think the most exciting part of this project should be the 2 learning challenges and the 2 assembly challenges. You will have good opportunities to try the latest technology, while getting paid. Since there aren’t a lot of software engineers who are familiar with this latest technology, it should be good for your career too.

We just launched the first design challenge, followed by the UI prototype challenge. We plan to launch the first learning challenge on January 21st, so don’t miss it.

Have fun!


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