May 19, 2018 Golang Fun Challenge Recap

The recently concluded 14-day long Golang Fun Challenge turned out to be a major ‘crowd’ puller, for sure. We had launched the challenge to get you acquainted to the language. Before I dive into the recap, thank you people for all your enthusiasm and participation.

The fun challenge demonstrated how to print string, take user input, define a function, call a function, use goroutines and sort a string using packages of Go programming language.

The go language popularity is skyrocketing because of it’s concurrency behaviour, garbage collection,memory management and compiler’s capability of cross compilation, and error checking before the program runs.

I demonstrated Go’s concurrency behaviour using goroutines in the fun challenge. Goroutines are method/function which act as a lightweight thread managed by go runtime library and run concurrently with other functions/method of the program. You can make any function a goroutine by prefixing function with go and magic will be spelled by go runtime library.

I want to congratulate all submitters for winning a GoLang badge for completing their code submissions as instructed in the challenge
Do you want GoLang badge?
Read through the fun challenge, create a Go program with the code shared in the fun challenge and submit your code here as an attachment.
Also, this will help you get an opportunity to earn some cash rewards by participating in go ethereum challenges which we would be launching soon on the platform. We will update you once it’s live. But hang on a sec. You need to be part of blockchain community to get updates on Go Ethereum challenges. Join now to never miss an update!



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