September 26, 2016 Github's Big Bang – Topcoder Team attends Github Universe

This blog was co-written by Topcoder Team Members: Kyle Bowerman and Chris Delaurentis
Last week members of the Topcoder team attended Github Universe which more than lived up to expectations.  We weren’t sure if it was the cool Pier 70 disney studio-esque look and feel or if kbowerma felt at home in the area after watching too many Adam Savage experiments in the area.

Don’t worry our intrepid team was at Github Universe and once they got done bike shedding, they did attend the conference and are writing up their favorite announcements!  Keep an eye on this repo, we’ll be posting some blog posts and some of the code.

  • Projects, Reviews and How It might affect Topcoder
  • GraphQL
  • Electron
  • Octoverse & Survey
  • Tips and Tricks

Chris Delaurentis’ and Kyle Bowerman’s blog written in Github Markdown

David Messinger


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