July 22, 2019 Workforce of Tomorrow: Mike Morris Explains the Gig Economy's Digital Inclusion

Recently, Topcoder’s Mike Morris (CEO) presented an insightful keynote to the 2019 Workforce of Tomorrow Conference. In less than 10 minutes, Mike explains why the Gig Economy will have a bigger impact on businesses and workers than projected, why it presents an all-inclusive unbiased opportunity for everyone, and why it’s “bigger than your 2 am burrito.”

The Growth of the Gig Economy

Whether grabbing an Uber at the airport or ordering some late-night Mexican noms via apps like GrubHub or PostMates, almost everyone is interacting with the Gig Economy. However normal these everyday interactions have become, few associate the Gig Economy with anything more than basic service tasks.

However, the Gig Economy has already been applied to industries where specialized skills are the bread and butter of growth. Enterprises are already taking advantage of Topcoder’s pool of specialized gig workers. The future is full of virtually limitless opportunities for those self-starting gig enthusiasts. The Gig Economy is already creating amazing opportunities that draw talent and produce results. Today’s workers are seeking the freedom to grow, work, and learn on their own terms, and crowdsourcing is providing an overwhelmingly positive outlet for millions.

As platforms like Topcoder break the mold and demonstrate the far-reaching advantages of the Gig Economy, it’s getting harder to ignore. Topcoder has already proven the Gig Economy’s ability to scale productivity and innovation. In fact, our efforts have lead to AI-powered breakthroughs matching the capabilities of a handful of highly-specialized lung cancer oncologists.

Mike Morris Sees Digital Inclusion in ‘Gig’ Work

Watch Mike Morris’s presentation and learn the following:

  • Why exactly the Gig Economy is “bigger than your 2 am burrito”
  • How the Gig Economy presents an unparalleled opportunity for digital inclusion
  • Who will ultimately benefit from the growth and implementation of the Gig Economy (hint: just about everyone)
  • How the collaborative possibilities of Gig Economy technologists can accomplish more than highly-skilled oncologists
  • What economic progression could look like with a Gig Economy mindset

Paving the Way and Following Through

Topcoder–and its community of 1.5 million technologists–is paving the way for a world in which on-demand talent is the norm and big, hairy, audacious projects get accomplished in months, not years. With the help of men and women, veterans and civilians, Americans and people of all other nationalities, enterprises are finding it’s easier than ever to scale their use of gig worker, spur productivity, and achieve even loftier go-to-market goals. The enterprises’ adoption of the Gig Economy is providing increased opportunities to talented technologists in the US and across the globe that they would not otherwise have access to.

The Gig Economy is driving productivity gains, a new means to innovate with more velocity, and increased inclusion for millions. So, while the 2 am burrito may be your first association with the Gig Economy, keep an open mind. Because the tides are changing. The incorporation of on-demand workers is pushing and supporting companies, industries, enterprises, and governments to expand faster than ever before.

VP, Marketing


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