February 14, 2017 Flood of Love Results

The Flood of Love was a community program for the month of February, where in the first two weeks, we flipped the switch and enabled every Topcoder challenge to be TCO17 eligible.  Members from all over the world participated in challenges heavily over this time to claim as many points as they could before time ran out.  This was not the only feature of the month however!  We also launched two special challenges, one design and one development challenge (you can read about these challenges in our last blog post, here).
This Valentine’s morning, Jessie and I were live on Youtube and we shared the results from all the people who had submitted to the challenges.  If you missed out on all the fun, you can relive it below!

Development Challenge

We first went through all of the development submissions.  The developers were tasked to create simple Mad Lib web apps that created a story around the themes of Topcoder and Valentine’s Day and they did not disappoint!  Our winner was pro.joshi and his design and story had everyone in awe.  We had a great time coming up with words for this one in the live show and this member really did earn their $250 prize!  Click here to play pro.joshi ‘s mad lib!

Also placing and winning a Topcoder T-shirt were the following:

Design Challenge

Jessie had lead the charge and reviewed this community challenge and she was looking for designs that incorporated the scrapbooking spirit of the trolls from The Troll Movie, Valentine’s Day and love, and had the Topcoder branding involved in some fashion.  After her review she had narrowed down her selection and had chosen a winner.  The member who won first place and $250 was flizz.  Check out their design below!

Also placing and winning a Topcoder T-shirt were the following:
Thank you to everyone who participated, submitters and live show participants! I hope you all had fun building and designing as we had enjoying your work. Tune in next month as we’ll have another fun program for you all!

nick castillo

Community Operation Manager


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