December 14, 2017 Final CAB Meeting Recap

*note: unfortunately for this meeting our data science / algorithm representative, ltaravilse, was unable to make the meeting so we will not have an update for this track. To keep up to date on all open tickets, remember you can always visit the CAB Github Repo!
Our CAB Members are at it again by bringing the most pressing topics of the community to the forefront of the Topcoder Team’s attention. This month we have birdofpreyru and ravijune who will be giving you a recap of what we had discussed in our latest meeting.

– Development Representative

Seeing on the Internet various lists like “The Top 10 Videos of The Year”, “The Top 10 Music Albums of The Year”, etc. it is difficult to me to wrap my head around the fact that this year is almost over. It flew by as a single moment, and so did the term of duty for CAB 2017 as well. We just had our last meeting this year, and here is a brief recap for development members of our lovely community.

  1. Good news everyone! Actually, I can only just tease you that something is coming, which will make every dedicated member of the Topcoder community very happy and will encourage everybody else to participate in more challenges and work harder on everything going on here.
  2. We also spent a bit of time talking about recent updates to the platform (new challenge listing and details pages). We are aware that some members still have various problems with them and we all work hard to resolve them as soon as possible. Everybody is welcome to help us by sending the feedback about the issues you see (and how, and on which browser/OS can we reproduce them). For that you have the #support channel of Topcoder Slack, as well as our CAB github repo.

    The next items on the list are updates of the member dashboard and moving Marathon Matches from the legacy engine to the same new experience as the challenge details pages.
  3. Otherwise, recently we believe that we have not heard many new concerns from the development part of the community. You can track the state of previously raised issues in the CAB repo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– Design Representative

For the design track, we discussed the Dashboard design concepts and if the current designs could be shared with some members to get some ideas from them (Maybe the most active members). Also we have finally decided to include the Stock icon links on the general help section of the challenge details page which includes, as of now. We are waiting for the confirmation from Adam though. And the last thing is, if the winning designs could be shared to the members who submitted in the final round of the challenge, we need to get the confirmation from Adam about this too. Also, Tony confirmed that the Submission page issues will be fixed soon and had taken this as a high priority especially considering the new members having issues.

nick castillo

Community Operation Manager


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