June 15, 2018 Expanding Education Tools For Community Members

We live in an age that requires individuals to continually learn, grow, and adapt. At Topcoder, we are continuously working on ways to provide and improve learning tools for our community members.
To better cater to the learning needs of community members, we have created short surveys related to design, data science, competitive programming, and development. The goal of these surveys is to gauge how effective Topcoder has been as a learning platform and how best to improve the platform from a learning standpoint. We’re even giving away t-shirts to lucky survey participants.
To that end, we are also trying to build partnerships with edtech platforms in order to increase the level of access and quality of learning provided on the Topcoder platform.  One of the main motivating factors for individuals joining Topcoder has been to learn and expand their knowledge – with new partnerships, our hope is to provide more of this learning to all community members.
For edtech platforms, such as Udemy, Udacity and Coursera, one of the main challenges they face is determining how well the courses taught on their platform have been applied in the real world. Topcoder’s platform represents a great opportunity for such firms to determine how their students have applied online lessons to real world problems faced by businesses.  
As we work on building more meaningful relationships with other platforms, members’ feedback and inputs from the surveys will also add a lot of value toward these efforts. If you have any feedback or would like to share more detailed thoughts, feel free to email us at support@topcoder.com. We’d love to connect and hear from our community.



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