May 29, 2020 What’s Next? A Gig Economy for the Enterprise Adoption Playbook

No More Sad Piano

Yes, things are different. We’re not going to offer the same tired platitudes: “We’re all in this together”, “Lean in to the new normal.” We’re ready for less talk about the new normal and what that means, and more recognition that there has been change, but change is always happening. Instead, we propose: it’s time for boldness. It’s time to get back to productivity and back to the business of technology execution.

The Big Aha

From our perspective, the biggest change is that the pandemic has grossly accelerated enterprise adoption of gig economy and crowd labor. Within the span of months, we’ve catapulted 5-10 years ahead. The mass shift to work-from-home has lowered the mental barriers to working with people outside our 4 walls. Managers are witnessing employees who are more productive, engaged and happier with remote work. It’s our belief that the next wave will be the adoption of hybrid workforce models, which include your full time employees and gig model labor to support faster innovation for your organization.

Get the Enterprise Adoption Playbook

At Topcoder, we’re seeing record demand from enterprises that want to incorporate crowd and open talent into their labor model. Download the free Enterprise Adoption Playbook to learn: 

  • First-hand advice from enterprise leaders already using on-demand talent
  • How to ramp and scale the use of gig work as part of an integrated labor force
  • Cultural tips and advice to successfully bring gig into the enterprise and get buy-in
  • Best practices to position and grow new programs internally even within conservative organizations

Get your enterprise ready for a post-COVID world. Download the Enterprise Adoption Ebook.

Alexa Baray

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