April 15, 2019 Does the UI / UX Designer have to understand how to write code?

“Designers must understand how to write code.”

This argument is often debated by several people. There are some parties who say they agree and there are some who say this is not necessary. As a Front End Developer and also a UI / UX designer I have several reasons that might be a consideration for you trying to learn how to write code.

1. Your design will be more efficient and quickly realized

Understanding the program code from the design that you make, both mobile and web, will help you understand the display workflow and the ease for the developer to execute the part you have designed. So the design results  are not only beautiful but also can optimize the performance of the application that will be created later.

2. It’s easier to communicate with developers

The coding experience will make it easier for designers to communicate with developers. this is because UI / UX designers who understand how to code can communicate using terms that developers use. You can even discuss how more efficient code is implemented to create an application from that design.

3. It is a good transition to switching from an ordinary Graphic Designer to a UI / UX Designer.

Some of my friends have graphic design expertise. “How to solve what we will design if we are UI / UX Designers?” My answer is that they have to learn programming languages, because it will guide them to think about how the mobile or web application works, and supporting graphic elements so that web or mobile applications function properly.

4. Become a differentiator between you and other designers.

Not infrequently we encounter this quote in the job requirements of a UI / UX Designer.

“Experience with HTML and CSS is a plus”.

Learning to do automatic coding will be an added value for you. You will be more interesting to companies that need more than other UI / UX designs.

5. You can make your own personal project.

With simple skills in programming languages, you can create your own project that you have designed, like personal profiles, portfolios, and landing pages for your personal business.

6. You can compete in more Topcoder contests.

In my opinion, learning about the program code for a designer is sufficient for the Front End Developer level because designers only need to understand the application’s interface code, and how the application works. By mastering programming such as JavaScript and some JavaScript frameworks (Angular and React) development, it will give you more knowledge, especially in the prototyping contests.

Everyone has their choice to learn about coding or not. But it’s good if you understand some basic knowledge of coding to help you in the process of designing.


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