September 2, 2016 Deloitte Pixel™ Crowdsources Application Designs Live at Singularity University’s Global Summit

Singularity University and the Global Summit

We’re living in the era of exponential change. No institution on the planet covers this topic with more fervor than Singularity University. Founded by futurists and innovators Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, SU is now world famous for helping organizations across the globe open their respective eyes to the exponential changes happening due to technological advancement, as well as coming changes that are just around the exponential bend.

In 2014, Salim Ismail – SU’s Executive Director – released Exponential Organizations. His book has become an important roadmap for business leaders the world over who seek to transform their company into an organization that uses exponential technologies to become at least 10x faster, cheaper, and better.

But the faculty and community that embodies SU do not simply talk about exponential change. They are also global leaders of putting it all into practice. On topics such as precision medicine, quantum computing, AI, AR, advanced robotics, synthetic biology, 3D Printing and beyond, Singularity University gathers many of the world’s premiere doers, makers, and entrepreneurs who are creating next gen solutions rooted in exponential technologies. Their solutions are big, bold, and focused on impacting 1 Billion people or more.

In years past, our team at Topcoder has been delighted to speak at Singularity University on our topic of expertise – crowdsourcing. This year, Singularity University took their educational platform to an entirely new level, putting on their first ever Global Summit.

With the larger stage the SU Global Summit provided, our partners at Deloitte, who operate their enterprise crowdsourcing solution Deloitte Pixel™, wanted to show the attentive audience the power of crowdsourcing live on-stage, in real time.

To do this, they prepped, launched, and managed a LUX or Live User Experience design competition in the Topcoder Marketplace.


Live at Singularity University Global Summit

CEO of XPRIZE Foundation, Marcus Shingles kicked off the crowdsourcing discussion at the SU Global Summit.

One of the big takeaways from Marcus’ discussion – While other exponential technologies are still emerging, crowdsourcing is here, right now:

Next, Balaji Bondili, Product Manager for Deloitte Pixel™ addressed the live audience at the SU Global Summit sharing Deloitte’s perspectives on crowdsourcing for the enterprise.

He then discussed the live Topcoder design competition that ran in the previous 48 hours. To demonstrate the power of crowdsourcing and how it can help you go 10x faster, he displayed some of the amazing outputs the competition yielded. You can see them in the slideshow in the next section below.


The UI/UX Design Problem Deloitte Crowdsourced in Just 48 Hours

Wouldn’t it be better if there was more citizen participation in government? Wouldn’t it be better if there was transparency in creation of government policy and legislation? We want to empower citizens to become a part of the policy and lawmaking process. Therefore we have solicited ideas for mobile applications that enable people to engage directly with their government. We strive to solve key issues important to citizens today and explore solutions through creation of new and innovative mobile design concepts.

The idea generation phase, run on the ideation platform betterific, yielded over 100 interesting ideas for mobile technology that could improve citizen engagement in government. Of these, 3 top ideas were selected and presented to the Topcoder Community, allowing our designers to choose which application they wanted to go help visually create!

With only 48 hours to design this application, this Deloitte Pixel™ LUX challenge saw an amazing level of participation, creativity, and gorgeous UI/UX design!

Here is a great time lapse video of 2 of our Topcoder members who were quickly designing their app interfaces! Special thanks to both Chekspir and Cendhika for capturing this footage of their creativity in action!

Finally, here is a slideshow of the amazing outputs and gorgeous, visual designs that were created by our Topcoder Community members in just 48 hours.

We’d like to thank our partners at Deloitte Pixel™ for bringing the power of crowdsourcing to the live audience at the Singularity University Global Summit. And to our amazing Topcoder Community, thank you once again for your amazing creativity and passion you put into your work!

VP, Marketing


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