July 14, 2016 Deloitte Introduces Pixel: Crowdsourcing Goes Mainstream

Yes, at Topcoder we’ve been discussing the benefits of crowdsourcing for over 15 years. We can say pretty comfortably… ‘we were early!’. Today, crowdsourcing is in the limelight due to the world’s largest GSIs (Global Systems Integrators) building unique and scaleable businesses around crowdsourcing.

Deloitte, who partners with Topcoder, recently unveiled to the world Deloitte Pixel. This capability enables Deloitte teams and clients to leverage external crowds to access specific, difficult-to-find expertise, collaborate to develop new products or ideas, and even design, build and test new digital assets.

A new Forbes article details the exciting Deloitte news. Here’s an important snippet from the article quoting Carl Bates, Deloitte U.K.’s lead partner for crowdsourcing.

“Now we realize that some of the best and the brightest skills will not necessarily want to sit within our organization” he says. But that makes it even more important for Deloitte, as a professional services business, to tap them, and get their input.

Read the Forbes article in its entirety here and for more information on Deloitte Pixel, visit this site.

For a comprehensive report on the current and future states of crowdsourcing and the impact it can have for your business, we recommend this new publication from Deloitte:

Deloitte - The Three Billion: Enterprise crowdsourcing and the growing fragmentation of work

Congratulations to our partners at Deloitte on this impressive launch of Deloitte Pixel. If you are already a Deloitte client and are interested in using Topcoder through Deloitte Pixel, let’s talk.

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