January 7, 2016 December Fun Hackathon Winners and Submissions

On December 1st, 2015 Episode 3 of the Fun Hackathon Challenge was launched. The mission for the December Fun Hackathon was to create an app using the giflayer API and Youtube API. We had received eight submissions who all came to the table with their creativity.
It had turned out that the free access to the giflayer API only allowed 10 calls to be made a month, but when they heard about these hackathons that we do monthly, they were nice enough to give us unlimited calls for the month of December, so a big shout out to them! We may be looking to partner with more APIs in the future, so if you have a recommendation or an API you would like to see in the hackathon, shoot out a post in the Fun Challenges Forum.
Congratulations to the four people who have won a limited edition topcoder t-shirt! Let’s take a look at what they have created, shall we?

1st place – HomelyHyperion


2nd place – pathmaker


T-3rd place – Johan_cb


T-3rd place – kmalhotra

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next Fun Hackathon Challenge to be launched on January 15, 2016 for another chance to win our special T-shirt!


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