October 23, 2019 GPU Support is Now Easy to Access through Topcoder’s Talent Network

Today’s Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) computing may make for good gaming, but it also offers opportunity for any business that can benefit from much faster queries, forecasts, models, computer vision and AI. The advantages of GPU innovation cut horizontally, across all markets, and can be applied as broadly as mining bitcoin to helping medical professionals more accurately treat illness through digital imaging.

Yet many organizations seeking to take advantage of faster processing through GPUs don’t know where to begin to gain their own GPU capability, let alone recruit a team skilled enough in the latest technology to leverage it. And it turns out they don’t have to, thanks to Topcoder, the world’s largest on-demand digital talent network, which has expanded its Data Science and AI capability to help businesses quickly and expertly begin, build and scale their programs as needed, without adding new infrastructure or personnel. Topcoder’s new capabilities are a direct response to global market need, and include Container-based Solution Evaluation Systems, Multi-Layer Privacy and Security, Contest Casting, Crowd Powered Consulting, and Native GPU Support.

Organizations wanting to add GPU capability can swiftly onboard and scale a program with Topcoder. Topcoder can help an organization move from ideation to deployment of a GPU outcome without disrupting operations, offering an immediate project start, skilled technologists that are available to complement internal staff, and measurable and repeatable results.

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Topcoder’s community of data scientists can develop new and speed-up existing solutions by converting them to native GPU solutions that will be tested quickly, ranked on a public leaderboard and quality-assured through a peer review. Another benefit is that an organization can expand or contract with Topcoder’s community of data scientists and algorithm experts, based on need.

By seeking native GPU support from Topcoder, an organization can expect high-quality results, improved processing speeds, and a reduction in overall project timelines. Find out more about Topcoder’s new capabilities and get more detail by downloading our eBook, “Enterprise Data Science and Analytics.”

Andy LaMora

Global Director, Data Science, Analytics & AI

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