May 9, 2019 Leverage crowdsourcing as you make your move into IoT

Leverage crowdtesting as you make your move into IoT

The term Internet of Things, coined back in 1999, came in with a fanfare of buzzwords and a promise to make our lives easier and more efficient. Gestating for years now, we have seen an explosion in the space of connected devices, seamlessly merging the physical and digital worlds. Enterprises are largely benefitting from adoption of IoT solutions to the extent of optimizing operations, reducing costs, and enhancing customer experiences. What’s more, paving their paths from businesses and industries to the everyday mass market, Internet of Things is a new age revolution that is here to stay.

How big is Internet of Things?

  • The 2015 statistics of 15.4 billion connected devices is expected to stand tall at 30.7 billion and 75.4 billion in 2020 and 2025 respectively.
  • 90% of automobiles are expected to be connected to Internet by 2020.
  • Every second, there is an addition of 127 connected devices to the Internet.
  • Not lagging behind is the consumer IoT sector; with an estimation of 1.9 billion smart home devices to be shipped by 2019.
  • Global IoT spending is growing at double digits and will reach $1.29 trillion in 2020 (IDC)

Are you ready to embrace the change?

With industries undergoing massive transformations, the potential for future growth is enormous. Almost every company is eyeing to include enterprise wide IoT initiatives in their strategic roadmaps and the transition is happening sooner than later. Not to mention, the increased expectation from users who are becoming more and more accustomed to the connected chain of devices and expect technologies to function flawlessly from the onset.

By all means, the move is desirable but does not come easy. A significant number of Forbes Global 2000 enterprises have pointed out security concerns, real time complexity, scalability of test environment etc. as amongst the topmost challenges for IoT adoption. Winning brands emphasize largely on quality, and IoT products testing is going to be the new game changer going forward. What businesses should be looking out for is a comprehensive Quality Assurance strategy, fundamental to successfully test the shift towards interconnected applications and devices.

Crowdtesting and IoT

As we talk of building and sustaining smart cities, devices and applications, citizens become the key participants in contributing to the problem solving process. Countless IoT devices and a shorter time to market call for more interactions with this group of users, who are our end consumers. Measuring the quantitative and qualitative performance of deployed IoT applications across networks, topology and environment conditions; ensuring performance and real time stream analysis for superior usability and user experience demand a dynamic and scalable testing environment.

Consequently, for businesses aiming at end user value creation, the global talent pool of crowd testers becomes your potential test market. Within an embedded test environment set up, crowdtesting makes way for a comprehensive test matrix encompassing multitude of devices, platforms, protocols, sensors, data integrity and distinctive user perceptions.

Enabling IoT testing with Topcoder

Topcoder gives you access to a wide network of testers worldwide, who can provide you with end to end testing experience and vetted feedback to enable continual improvement on quality, performance and expectations. Through various advanced approaches, Topcoder ensures that connected devices continue to charge into the mainstream, while effortlessly handling the vast diversity and enhanced complexity of testing scenarios.

Also by leveraging Wipro’s IP & accelerators and strong domain expertise, Topcoder strides a level further in enabling integrated service delivery, complete coverage, and flexible engagement and commercial models in a real time dynamic IoT landscape. The platform facilitates collaboration between dedicated testing teams and crowd testers for better test coverage, shorter test cycles and increased efficiency.

Because complicated business testing processes should never be a stumbling block for exciting new frontiers! Find the right skills and expertise for your flexible and scalable needs with Topcoder and pay only for outcomes.

Sudha Panda

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