March 25, 2016 Crowdsourcing with Topcoder: Legal FAQs Answered – VIDEO

At Topcoder we have been using crowdsourcing to do enterprise level app design, app development and data science for 15 years. Before the word crowdsourcing was introduced by author Jeff Howe in 2006, Topcoder was already 5 years young.

Through incessant experimentation and the creation and evolution of crowdsourcing best practices, we’ve continued to create the standards for how an enterprise, agency, or SMB can approach and use crowdsourcing, at scale.

Even though Topcoder is 15 years old and soon to cross the 1 million member mark, we understand that for the vast majority of potential users, you have baseline questions and concerns about surrounding legal topics such as intellectual property.

For you, we’ve created this short video below featuring our General Counsel, Dan Lascell. In this video you will learn:

  • How you can be sure your company retains full exclusive rights to anything the community builds
  • How your company’s sensitive or classified information is protected, while still getting the challenge done
  • How do you know you can trust your Topcoder community and the work they produce?


Examples of Work Getting Done Today

Enterprises, agencies and SMBs are getting amazing work done on Topcoder. For instance:

  • GE is running ideation and application design challenges to help visualize ideas faster.
  • IBM is supercharging app design as well as app prototyping and development efforts to bring more ideas to market sooner.
  • NASA continues to run ambitious data science challenges on Topcoder focused on advanced algorithms.

If you’re ready to embrace crowdsourcing to help you and your team execute with more velocity, let’s talk.

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