October 25, 2016 Crowdsourcing Experts Event at TCO: Leaders Focused on Scaling Crowdsourcing

Five or more years ago, most organizations were looking to crowdsourcing solely for bottom-line cost cutting efficiencies. More recently, top enterprises and agencies shifted to using crowdsourcing to accelerate top-line, revenue producing services and products.

Now, the focus of crowdsourcing is using it to gain tremendous scale. We are bringing together leading crowdsourcing practitioners to share their knowledge, their experience, and their crowdsourcing examples with you.

We invite you to register for and attend this special event – Topcoder: Crowdsourcing Experts at TCO16

The Crowdsourcing Experts event at TCO16 is a half day of focused content dedicated to understanding modern approaches to using crowdsourcing at scale to execute on innovative enterprise and agency mission work.

This event is not a ‘Crowdsourcing 101’. Crowdsourcing Experts at TCO is instead geared for agency and enterprise leaders that desire to get beyond platitudes and concentrate on introducing, ramping, and scaling crowdsourcing on work that matters.

We are excited to announce our world-class speakers who are leading practitioners of crowdsourcing.

How does GE programmatically help their business units execute with crowdsourcing at tremendous scale? Come hear from Dyan and Steve how it’s getting done.


How does the U.S. Department of Energy use crowdsourcing to gain tremendous application innovation scale? Meet the architect of the program that delivered 19 app prototypes in 63 days.


How does Harvard power breakthrough data science solutions at scale for their partners through the use of crowdsourcing? Come bend the ear of a crowdsourcing pioneer driving amazing outcomes.


And how does Booz Allen Hamilton deliver faster for their myriad government agencies and enterprise clients through crowdsourcing? Nic has over a decade experience to share with you.


Registration for Crowdsourcing Experts is Now Open

The event is taking place Monday morning, November 21st in Washington D.C.

If you, your leaders, and your teams are looking to take that next step with crowdsourcing, this educational event will be worth your time. Come learn from the crowdsourcing experts doing it while enjoying some great networking in a fabulous facility.

In total there are only 90 tickets available and they are being claimed fast. Reserve your spot now. Register for this unique event and we’ll see you in D.C. on the 21st!


VP, Marketing


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