July 12, 2017 CAB Updates – July Meeting

*note: unfortunately for this meeting our data science / algorithm representative, ltaravilse, was unable to make the meeting so we will not have an update for this track.  To keep up to date on all open tickets, remember you can always visit the CAB Github Repo!
Our CAB Members are at it again by bringing the most pressing topics of the community to the forefront of the Topcoder Team’s attention.  This month we have sky_ and f0rc0d3r who will be giving you a recap of what we had discussed in our latest meeting.

– Development Representative

New topics discussed

1. An extra role in UI Prototype
TC staff like the idea and there will be an additional role in the future contests.
There will be further discussion.
2. Including handle in the submission
The review process should be still anonymous. Proper rules/policy will be created

In-progress items

3. New extension policy
– Min extension will be 24h.
– The current rules for extensions will be removed, and the decision will be up to copilot.
– It’s not final yet.
4. Re-appeal Policy
– All re-appeals will be handled in the forum, and the whole process will be visible for all members.
– The number of re-appeals will be limited because some members abuse it.
– The limit will be probably 1 re-appeal per 3 months. If the appeal is successful then it can be reused in next challenges.
– Not possible to appeal other submissions. We can appeal only our submission. So the rules are still the same.
– It’s not final yet.

– Design Representative

We’re now in progress to bring back a badges system like the one we use to have but improved, let’s hope this will provide more challenges to design this!
We’ve also talked about the UI track, there are a couple of tickets around reliability and ranking: the intention is to reduce the size of this challenges, to make them smaller so the current reliability will suit better naturally. So the first step is to wait for these challenges to be reduced and then take another look at this reliability if there’s still something more to say about. What it’s a question of common sense is to exclude inactive members from ranking, so this is going to be solved.
We’ve also talked about a new extension policy which tries to be fair for everyone so the first thing that this is going to include is a minimum extension, when granted, of 24 hours… but what are the conditions to have an extension granted? For now we’ll have to wait for the final definition of the rules but an advance is that this is going to be up to the copilot, and it will be the copilot job to grant this in a fair way.
Remember that you can follow this and other things in Github. Anything you want to be reviewed, any suggestions… you are free to open a ticket in GitHub (just like writing a post) with your requests or you can contact Ravijune and/or myself to write it for you or to solve your doubts.

nick castillo

Community Operation Manager


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