October 15, 2020 Building Resilient Telcos With On Demand Talent

In part 2 of our series on Enabling Telcos to Lead and Succeed in the ‘New Normal’, we’re sharing another great session from the recent virtual leadership summit. The event was presented by TM Forum in collaboration with Wipro, and featured leaders from the global telecom industry sharing insights and experiences on how telcos can strategize for the post-pandemic era to emerge stronger, more agile, and more resilient. 

In Back to Boldness: Building Resilience with On-demand Talent, Topcoder CEO Mike Morris and VP of Corporate Development Ashley Steele discussed the potential of on-demand talent for telcos. Enjoy the video and key takeaways from their presentation.

On-Demand Talent and the New “Never Normal”

Mike opened by talking about the fact that we may never go back to any kind of normal world, and the difficulties enterprises face in planning for the unknown. How can companies build a resilient workforce of the future? On-demand talent offers speed, scale, and resiliency to enterprises as they work to stay productive amid uncertainty. 

On-Demand: We’re Already Used to It

Mike pointed out that we’ve been increasingly accustomed to on-demand in our personal lives. We expect that we can get food at 2:00 am, and the concept of waiting for a song to come on the radio is a thing of the past. Enterprises have been slow to catch up, but platforms like Communo, Tongal, and Topcoder offer the kind of on-demand technology talent and services that businesses need.

Telcos and the Pandemic

While some industries have ramped up during the pandemic and others have slowed down, Mike mentioned that telcos have had to pivot, focusing on increasing bandwidth for a new remote workforce. Following Mike’s overview, Ashley showcased Topcoder’s work in this area. Topcoder has been working on a hybrid crowd offering since the start of the pandemic. Every business has been impacted by COVID; some are seeing a huge rise in demand while others face a decline. The shortage of talent affects both, as businesses with growing demand need quick access to the right talent and skill sets, while those seeing declining demand need to restructure their workforce to be productive with fewer resources. Topcoder’s hybrid crowd offering allows customers to leverage on-demand talent alongside their own workforce to build a resilient, long-term workforce for an uncertain future.


Ashley ran through a few examples of how Topcoder is working with businesses to strengthen their workforce. Facing an oil crisis and a pandemic at the same time, Woodside needed a better way to get work done and turned to Topcoder to create a crowdsourcing program that allows them to combine their own workforce with on-demand talent. T-Mobile has been using Topcoder for many years across different departments to scale enterprise productivity. And Microsoft is using Topcoder talent to ramp up testing for better QA.

Thank you to TM Forum and Wipro for hosting this event. If you’re a telco looking to leverage on-demand talent, download the free Ebook: Telecom & On-Demand Talent.

TELECOM & ON-DEMAND TALENT ACCELERATE THE JOURNEY TO 5G. See How Telcos are Using On-Demand Talent to Think Bigger
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