March 18, 2016 Booz Allen Hamilton + Topcoder: Crowdsourcing at SXSW 2016

Earlier this week, we shared the exciting news that we’d be launching a mobile design concepts challenge on Topcoder with our partner Booz Allen Hamilton live at SXSW. You can read the previous post for some of the important details.

Since Booz Allen asked us to participate in a fantastic SXSW panel – Leveraging an Open Ecosystem For App Development – we decided to showcase truly the power of using crowdsourcing and open platforms to innovate and deliver faster.

We were having so much fun with our partner Booz Allen at SXSW that we created a short video encapsulating how we gathered app ideas and features, launched a LUX, or Live UX 23-hour Topcoder challenge, and then presented back to the SXSW audience the mobile design concepts, all within one day. The app concept was for a Smart City application that would allow a user to see easily all transportation options available to them, at every moment, from wherever they might be.

Enjoy the video to see some of the amazing outputs.

The Steps Taken to Create, Launch, and Deliver – Live at SXSW through Crowdsourcing

  • March 13th, 9AM CT – Revival Public House: Attendees at the TechBreakfast Showcase filled out a brief survey, helping determine such things as the mobile app color scheme, logo inspiration, and the #1 feature the crowd at the TechBreakfast would like to see in this Smart City concept.
  • March 13th, 11:45AM CT – Revival Public House: Surveying concludes, the votes are tallied, and the crowd-voted features are added to the challenge specification
  • March 13th, Noon CT – The Booz Allen + Topcoder – 23 hour Smart Trip Mobile Assistant Design Concepts Challenge launches!
  • March 14th, 11AM CT – The Topcoder challenge ends, all submissions are now in.
  • March 14th 3:30PM CT – As part of the aforementioned Booz Allen panel at SXSW, our teams presented back the amazing design concepts that were created in under one day. 23 unique members, submitted 32 design concepts for this LUX challenge, all in just 23 hours.

We’d like to once again thank our partners at Booz Allen for the invitation to SXSW and for the bold idea to showcase just how quickly and easily crowdsourcing can be used to deliver faster, better solutions.

As always, we thank you, our Topcoder Community members for your brilliant effort, passion, and desire to do amazing work.


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