September 2, 2021 Best of Talent Strategy & HR from 61 Episodes of the Uprisor Podcast

How will human capital management change in the future of work? After 61 awesome episode of the Uprisor podcast, we want to highlight some of the best lessons and insights our guests have shared, focussing on the areas of talent strategy and HR. For folks interested in open innovation, crowdsourcing, talent platforms, and the on-demand talent economy, this is a great roundup. We cover:

  • How on demand talent should factor into planning a net new talent strategy
  • Who in an organization should own the ongoing relationship with gig workers
  • Why trusting people is the hard part for companies, and often hinders innovation

Hear from author and co-creator of the Results-Only Work Environment Jody Thompson, HR thought-leader, author, and advisor Jon Younger, Chief Community Officer at Mural, Paul Estes, and many others. 

Gary Bolles • Chair of Future of Work at Singularity University

At the end of the day, work is just three things: It’s a problem to be solved, it’s tasks we’ve performed to solve those problems, and it’s our human skills. We fall in love with the processes and forget the problem we were trying to solve.

Paul Estes • Chief Community Officer at Mural

“As much as every CEO will throw out the growth mindset book… well, we all know we learn from failure. When you’re trying something new, you’re going to have to learn by actually doing, not talking.”

Steve Whitty • Director of Wipro Digital

“In consultancies, you don’t always get a chance to get an understanding of people’s personal development. So unless you drop into a bit of interpersonal skills, you’ll never get the potential of it.”

Jody Thompson • Founder, CultureRx®

“What people want is complete control over their time. Flexibility gives managers more control over people’s time, but autonomy puts you on a whole different playing field.”

Annika Nagy


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