November 13, 2020 Announcing the Winners of the 2020 Topcoder Innovation Awards

Topcoder’s annual Innovation Awards celebrates customers and individuals who have done extraordinary work on the Topcoder Platform and with the global Topcoder Community. We are excited to announce this year’s winners across six categories: Cutting Edge, Enterprise Resiliency, Power User, Program of the Year, Public Sector and Wipro Partnership. As part of this year’s virtual event, we also provided insights into crowdsourcing, open talent models and upskilling trends across vertical markets. Look for future posts highlighting the ideas and bold though leadership that was shared, and congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

“Those earning recognition are not just weathering the storm of 2020, but thriving to push technology forward to innovate beyond uncertain times. We are proud to honor these trailblazers and look forward to their continued partnership.” – Michael Morris, Topcoder CEO

Cutting Edge Award

Highlights a company using the Topcoder Platform for the “project of the year,” which is unique and disruptive.

Janssen Research & Development, LLC
For a vaccine candidate trial planning initiative, Janssen Research & Development, LLC utilized the Topcoder Platform and Topcoder Data Science Community to validate a prediction model, operationalize it for use with Janssen Research & Development, LLC data and develop bespoke visualizations to support management of the effort, in under 4 weeks.

Enterprise Resiliency Award

In light of 2020’s many challenges, recognizes global brands that used the Topcoder Platform to persevere on unprecedented technology projects and workforce talent strategy solutions.

Telstra leveraged the Topcoder Platform with an unyielding commitment to quality and found innovative ways to deliver solutions faster. Telstra has become a model for others in terms of workforce strategy innovation.

Power User Award

Awarded to a technology champion and Topcoder advocate that uses the Topcoder Platform to make development better, simpler, and faster.

Greg Tappert, Senior Manager, Product and Technology for T-Mobile 
Greg Tappert has been an advocate for Topcoder within T-Mobile since 2018. Most recently, he led the effort to reimagine a web-based common language and process application for comprehensive, internal IT project management. An outstanding leader and team player well-respected by colleagues, Greg leveraged the Topcoder Platform and Community to design, develop, deploy, and support the application. Greg is already executing on a vision to expand T-Mobile’s use of Topcoder throughout other areas of development.

Public Sector Award

Innovative Federal organizations making a tangible difference, internally and externally, by using the Topcoder Platform and Community.

United States Bureau of Reclamation 
The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) has been recognized for the use of Topcoder for software development that lead to global advancement. The Reclamation Stream Flow Project pushed the envelope on forecasting techniques that affected the country. This allowed better management of water resources to support vast agricultural, commercial, and residential needs. Reclamation brought innovative problems to the Topcoder Community.

Program of the Year

Recognizes the best team and program executed at scale between Topcoder and an enterprise customer.

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield built one of the most innovative, fastest-growing, outcome-based crowdsourcing programs in the healthcare industry. With Topcoder, Wellmark exceled at finding and keeping a highly talented, on-demand digital workforce that complements its technology team to increase the speed, agility and quality of every aspect of software development. Crowd is a key part of Wellmark’s technology transformation initiatives aimed at raising the performance and efficiency across our investments.

Wipro Partnership Award

Honors outstanding people and companies leveraging the power of Topcoder and Wipro to achieve IT innovations.

Srinivassa HG, Vice President of EMEA Digital Sales, Wipro Limited 
Srinivassa HG drove multiple large-scale Topcoder engagements for global customers across Banking, Hospitality, Telecommunications. Srinivassa by highlighting the Topcoder Platform and Community as a valuable enterprise crowdsourcing solution.

Read the official press release here.

Annika Nagy

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