August 6, 2015 Announcing Salesforce Lightning Fun Challenges

A few weeks ago we launched our Fun & Learning Series of challenges based upon member feedback. We know you like to learn new technologies and Topcoder is the place to do that! Each week we rotate between design, development and data science challenges to help you get started on topcoder platform and increase your skills. Nick’s 60 second rundown gives you a quick overview but be sure to check out the Topcoder Fun Challenges program page for details and current challenges.

We are excited to announce another part of our Fun Challenges Series, Salesforce Lightning challenges. Each Monday and Thursday we’ll launch a new Lightning challenge designed to help you sharpen your Salesforce skills. We may even publish some winners on the AppExchange for Components! Lightning components and apps are the future of the Salesforce1 platform and these challenges are a great way to learn before the paying challenges start rolling out.

Our first challenge, Salesforce Lightning – Todos App, is a platform twist on the requisite todo app. The TodoMVC site offers a number of sample Todo applications using many different JavaScript frameworks. Except Salesforce Lightning! We want you to use their sample Todo app as reference and build something similar with Lightning components.


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