June 15, 2021 Accelerating Tech Projects with On-Demand Freelancers: A BCBS Focused Webinar

Topcoder is hosting a technical webinar for BCBS Technology leaders:

Tuesday June 29, 2021 | 2 PM EST
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Healthcare has unique pain points that open talent has been very useful for. Come learn from practitioners in the Blues Network who have tapped into Topcoder’s talent platform to better serve their business and accelerate IT delivery.


The talent constraints for BCBS organizations are real. Outside of researchers, top digital talent routinely seeks out other industries, putting a talent squeeze on your sector. The pains you feel are directly where Topcoder can help you most.

  • Slow to market with consumer-facing experiences
  • Lack of top talent choosing this industry
  • Niche skills required

Unique BCBS pain points you likely face:

  • Skills Shortage / Talent / Capacity
  • Executional Velocity 
  • Industry Evolution – New laws and an increasingly competitive environment

Topcoder has legit chops in healthcare, and with the Blues Network specifically. We have great examples to share with you, to educate your team on how to think about, start and scale the use of on-demand talent. 

Stories from the Blues Network 

Paul Hlivko, CTO and CXO of Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, uses an “all-in” talent strategy, weaving on-demand talent into the traditional talent ecosystem. On-demand talent enables Paul to work faster and in a more agile environment. He spoke with the Uprisor podcast about how his holistic approach to talent strategy has helped maximize enterprise resilience, and set the groundwork for buy-in and scale with on-demand talent. 

“When the crowd is woven in, and it’s given to the teams as something they could use to amplify and increase pace, increase speed, and increase experimentation—that’s really powerful.” —Paul Hlivko, CTO and CXO of Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Register for useful, actionable info about how you can start using on-demand talent:

  • Project level deep-dives to see what kind of BCBS work is getting done
  • A technical Q&A with an on-demand talent architect
  • What are right fits and smart ways to experiment with on-demand talent?

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Annika Nagy

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