December 3, 2020 3 Steps Your Company Must Take to Become Resilient

We recently honored the most bold and exciting work at Topcoder this year, at the 2020 Topcoder Innovation Awards. The virtual event was a celebration of the people and companies who are taking risks and doing big things using Topcoder’s platform, and an opportunity for Topcoder leaders and partners to come together and talk about what’s next. So much changed in 2020, and it will keep changing. How enterprises deal with this change will set them apart.

Topcoder’s CEO Michael Morris outlined three major steps that companies must take in order to become truly resilient and adopt an on-demand talent strategy. See what he had to say and don’t miss the highlights below.


Nothing is predictable. The stage we’re in has been dubbed the new normal, but we’re going to be in a constant state of change for a long time. So how do you prepare, especially if you’re a large company? You have to be agile and flexible. One strategy that we’re adopting and we’re helping customers adopt is an on-demand talent strategy. Many companies have been given a huge push down this path with the global shift to work-from-home, but it’s only the first step in that direction.

3 STEPS TO Building resilience

There are three major steps that companies need to take in order to become truly resilient and adopt an on-demand talent strategy:

  1. Use virtual talent to do core work. It’s no longer about where your cube is and how long you’re sitting in your seat, it’s about what you are getting accomplished. 
  2. Move from a traditional role based work stream to a gig based work stream. A gig is a work engagement defined by specific skill or a specific deliverable. It’s a unit of work with a specific purpose and a specific end date. 
  3. Purchase outcomes. Once you get from the mindset of using remote workers in a gig style engagement, it’s not a far jump to go directly to paying for an outcome. The outcomes model is the core of Topcoder and what we’ve always been about.

These are the three steps that industries and enterprises must take to adopt an on demand talent strategy. The table has never been more set. It will take time as the model becomes mainstream, and it touches every aspect of a company’s core, from HR policies to culture. But we’re here to help. If you’re ready to move down the path and prepare for the next normal, contact us.

Annika Nagy

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