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Announcing the 5,00,000 INR 2017 Humblefool Charity Hackathon

By harshit In Community Stories

Posted October 6th, 2017

Humblefool Hackathon

2017 Humblefool Charity Hackathon

In India, the closest thing to a programming legend is Harsha Suryanarayan or [humblefool] as he is known in the coding community. Though he sadly passed away at too young of an age, he truly left a mark in the world.

[humblefool]s mission was to spread the word about programming across the country. Instead of taking a high paying job at a major tech company, he spent this time teaching students and helping to mold startups. We encourage you to learn more about Humblefool.


In honor of Humblefool, we are excited to bring you the 2017 Humblefool Charity Hackathon Sponsored by Topcoder with Watson – we are on a mission to help continue the legacy he started in India and help inspire more coders in India.

The tournament will have 5,00,000 INR in prizes, tons of t-shirts, plus gift cards, cash for referrals, and amazing swag.

The goal is simple – create a new app related to programming education and coders in India to help carry on what Humblefool started.

The hackathon has two checkpoints before you submit your working application. The checkpoints – an idea checkpoint, design checkpoint, and then the final submission. All you have to do is be a Topcoder member and be a part of the Cognitive Community with an IBM Bluemix account.

Take our word for it – this is going to be an awesome event. Not only are we honoring one of the greats but we are helping to build more young people like him. We’re also going to be donating money to directly help mold a child’s education.

Learn all about this amazing event and be a part of it. Be like [humblefool] . Click here to get started and help change someone’s future.