September 29, 2021 $20,000, Costumes, and Fun at Our Spooky, Scary Bug Hunt Events

October has arrived and with it comes the 🎃 👻 🕷 Spooky, Scary Bug Hunt Event series 🎃 👻 🕷! Take this opportunity to have some fun, potentially try something new, and earn some cash. The Spooky, Scary Bug Hunt Event series will include 4 bug hunts with a total prize purse of $20,000!

What is the Spooky, Scary Bug Hunt?

  • Four bug hunts taking place LIVE on a virtual event
  • Each bug hunt will have up to $5,000 in cash plus t-shirts
  • Every Friday in October starting on October 8

Find the four bug hunt event challenge details. You’ll have to register for each one and join the live event.

What Do I Need to Know About These Events?

These bug hunts are open to everyone! Plus, you don’t really need to have any skills to find bugs. Bug hunts are a great way to earn your first cash prize at Topcoder. Go to the challenges and register. Plus you’ll want to get the event link which is in the challenge spec as well. 

Then closer to the event, we’ll make sure you’re ready to go. 

But wait…!

Since this is October and the month of Halloween and it’s a “Spooky, Scary” event, we’re going to need you to join our live event in a costume. Yeah, have you ever participated in a bug hunt or any Topcoder challenge for that matter in costume? If that is on your bucket list, you’re in luck!

Your costume can be scary, silly, or a little bit of both. We can’t wait to see what you join our event as. I can promise you that the best costumes will definitely get rewarded. Bonus points if you take photos and share with us! No worries though, costumes are not required, just encouraged.

Hope you’ll join in on our spooky, scary fun! See you there and see if you can figure out who I’m dressed as 😉.

Head of Community

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