What is TCO?

The 2009 TopCoder Open (TCO) is a world-wide programming and graphic design tournament that is open to all TopCoder members 18 and older, who are in good standing, and meet all other eligibility criteria. There are nine different tracks of competition as part of the TCO: Algorithm, Architecture, Assembly, Component Design & Development, Marathon, Mod Dash, Specification, and Studio Design. Taking part in the TCO09 gives you the opportunity to showcase your programming and/or design skills up against some of the best in the world. We're also dishing out cash and prizes! Becoming a TopCoder member is easy and free. Register here. Have a question? Just email service@topcoder.com. Stay tuned for more details as we finalize the preparations for this awesome event!


TCO Chat Session Transcript

Facebook is hiring brilliant engineers who like to build. Because we’re growing so quickly, there is enormous opportunity for individuals to have an impact and to grow as our service and our company grows. What matters here is what you contribute, not your credentials.

No one has ever done what we are trying to do at such speed and scale, and we do it all with less than two hundred engineers. Our active user to engineer ratio is over 1,000,000:1... and growing, and you just won’t get that personal impact at any other company.

We also move as fast as we can to launch things quickly, try new things and then iterate to make them better. We would rather take risks and break a few things in the process than move slowly. The code you write one day can be used by hundreds of millions of users that same night.

Everyone at Facebook makes daily decisions in their work to solve the most impactful problems in the fastest, most efficient way possible and to build solutions that will scale to reach hundreds of millions of users around the world. One engineer built the photos application on the service, and Facebook is now the largest photo sharing site on the Web. Another engineer built Facebook Video in a one night Hackathon. The feature now has hundreds of thousands of video uploads every day.

We've got 200 million users so far, but we have so much more to do and build... and that's where your kung fu comes into play. Come build with us, we’re hiring.

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