Motorola is honored to welcome the best of the best of the coding world to this year's TopCoder competition. Good luck in your head-to-head matches throughout the competition. These finals may be just the beginning!

When you're mobile you don't wait for your future. You create it. Make your move. Our vision for the future is clear... harness the power of wireless, multi-media and entertainment, broadband and the Internet to deliver embedded chip, system level, and end-to-end network communications solutions for the individual, work team, vehicle and home.

Exciting career opportunities present themselves to ambitious, driven individuals eager to revolutionize technology with an industry leader. Our Global Software Group will provide the challenges that keep will keep you an elite TopCoder.

Motorola is looking to hire Software Engineers, Software Design Engineers, Sr. Staff Software Engineers, and Engineering Interns. If would like to be considered for a job at Motorola, apply now.