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Your tech, our community.

Illuminate your technology, grow an expert community, and expose your APIs and services to the capable masses.

It’s a conundrum for every technology company — how do you build a strong and capable developer community while growing a customer base for your technology?

With Topcoder powering your custom crowdsourcing community, you can create greater exposure of your technology, build scalable delivery capabilities, and tap into a global developer base.

Why use crowdsourcing to build your technology community?

Your team has worked hard developing a compelling technology or product.

However, getting talented developers on your stack can be a huge effort. You can partner with Topcoder to raise an army of credentialed developers who not only understand your stack, but who have proven their skills by competing in a series of challenges, building out real-world applications and solutions.

Crowdsourcing with Topcoder allows you to tackle three key components of exposing your technology.

Step 1 - Build awareness and motivate the Community:

Get developers to your stack.

Topcoder can design a campaign that will recruit members, provide incentives to work on specific projects, and identify members of the community who are interested in learning more. This is your opportunity to get sample apps completed, build out reference apps or services, and impress your customers with real examples of how your technology works.

Step 2 - Grow a community segment:

Give top developers interesting ways to learn, experience, and build apps and integrations, showcasing your technology.

Topcoder can help you deliver training, practice projects, and badging to identify and reward those skilled developers. And your customers can ask for those developers when crowdsourcing through the Topcoder Marketplace, or search the Topcoder Community for developers who hold your technologies’ badge.

Step 3 - Unleash the Crowd:

Showcase your new technology community.

Topcoder will work with you to design a customer and community-facing website that takes advantage of everything your Community Segment has to offer, including recruitment and education campaigns, spotlight customer projects, and developer evangelism programs.

Want to build and unleash your own technology community?