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On-Demand Cognitive Expertise at Your Fingertips

According Forrester, 65% of enterprises are researching AI, but only 12% are currently using it. Why? A huge skills gap exists in the labor market, and enterprises are struggling to find the cognitive computing expertise they need to build next-generation AI solutions.

Topcoder and IBM have partnered to build the world’s largest community of cognitive experts—and to make it easy to leverage IBM Watson’s world-class computing capabilities. With Topcoder, you get on-demand access to the cognitive technology and expertise you need to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

Enterprise Use Cases for Cognitive Computing

Cognitive is gaining traction throughout the enterprise in all industry verticals, from financial evaluation tools to sentiment analysis solutions to intelligent recommendation bots.

  • HR
    Predict employee churn, analyze happiness, rate performance, and recommend training.
  • Support
    Analyze sentiment, deliver recommendations, route case deferrals, and forecast staffing needs.
  • IT Security
    Detect IT security threats via machine learning, log analysis, and auditing flags.
  • Retail & eComm
    Manage inventory and fraud, generate a 360° view of your customers, and recommend items.
  • Investing
    Evaluate risk, detect fraud, analyze portfolios, and generate sentiment- based predictions.

Cognitive Products

Use the below product to build cognitive solutions that give your business a competitive edge

Cognitive Chatbot

DURATION 10 - 20 Days
DELIVERABLES Ready-to-deploy code, interface, and/or service leveraging Watson capabilities

Introduce AI capabilities to your apps and create an immersive, interactive experience for users. Includes the buildout and implementation of your bot’s conversational nature using Watson Services and a front-end user interface.