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November 21, 2019 What Can Particle Physics Teach Us About the IT War on Talent?

Neutrinos. We don’t know everything about this subatomic particle quite yet, but with each passing physics experiment and purposeful atomic collision at speeds inching toward that of light, we learn more.

They’re peculiar alright, almost like ghosts from our human POV. Neutrinos have mass, albeit negligible, and for many intents and purposes, neutrinos just don’t interact the way so many other particles do. They pass through things, including me and you right now, as we’re reading this. Trillions of them, if not more …  just passing through you and I each second, to the beat of their own drum. Must be nice.

I’m not a quantum-physicists, though I do love the topic and if you’re curious about these funky subatomic particles and how they can exist, how they can be right here with us, at all times, and yet essentially ignore other forces that dictate so much of our observable universe, then I recommend this podcast. “Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe” is one of my favorite pods and it’s part of my continuous education as a human.

Then I read this article in the WSJ “America’s Got Talent, Just Not Enough in IT”. Take a few minutes and read it. It’s well written and really highlights the talent war, the ever-escalating perks being offered to top tech talent, and more.

But what if this “force” …  this undeniable, irrefutable war on talent and all that it dictates in your universe … what if you could choose to ignore it? What if you simply didn’t feel the same pressures every other organization is telling you they feel because you’re just not interacting with them? What if your org could be a neutrino?

Enterprises and top organizations like Microsoft, NASA, T-Mobile, and scores of others are using open-talent models, and they’re doing so at growing scale. Not for the mundane and commoditized work, but to supercharge their internal teams with access to top tech talent, right when they need it, so they can be more productive and get more IT projects completed faster.

This is not an anti-FTE call to action. Great companies need great people who drive innovation, take smart risks, and produce like mad. And open-talent (crowdsourcing) models are not some silver bullet or universal panacea. However, if the talent shortage is truly this sincere. If your teams are spending so much time, capital and mindshare on how to win this war on talent. What if you just ignored it? What if you let others play that non-winning game and instead you provided your teams with access to top tech-talent, but just in a newer way?

What changes for you if you can act more like a neutrino and less like everyone else in your observable IT universe?

Pre-qualified technology talent. On demand. It’s that simple.

Ignore the “War for Talent” and Learn about Talent-as-a-Service from Topcoder


Clinton Bonner

VP, Marketing

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