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February 26, 2016 Topcoder Team Live #02 – Product Development

On February 24th, we held our second Topcoder Team Live (TTL) and my guests this month were three members of the Product Development Team. This team is the one that is leading the charge toward the future of the Topcoder platform.

As Product Manager, Filipp Nisenzoun discussed and fielded questions of the overall direction Topcoder was taking. He was very open and transparent about the roadmap the team was taking and the things that were definitely or definitely not going to be worked on. Filipp had a good response to the question “What is one thing you think the Topcoder members don’t know about what you all do that you think they should know” and you should tune in to find out what his answer was!

Parth Shah is the Engineering Manager and he fielded all of the technical questions that were thrown their way. He spoke about how they are exploring different ways to upload submissions, their release cadence, and about the newest version of the Topcoder API, which (spoiler alert) I’m sorry to say is not yet ready to be released.  Parth also discusses how they are using our own Topcoder community to complete some of the work needed to get this work done more rapidly than if they were to do it on their own.

Victor George is our Lead Product Designer and he is the brainchild behind most of what you see on the site today. Not only does he present eye-appealing visuals on the site, but he is also focused on the usability of it as well. Victor discusses how he is working with members of the community by having them participate in user testing sessions where they get a sneak peek into what is coming down the pipeline.  By letting some of you test out the features before they are released, it will help shape what the Topcoder site will become.

I’d like to thank these fine gentlemen for joining me this month as they are helping us as the Topcoder Team be more transparent with our community.  I urge our community to participate and ask questions to our panelists because if we unaware of your concerns, they will never be addressed!

I am currently working on organizing the next TTL, so I’d love to get your suggestions on what days and time work best for those that want to attend these live sessions.  Feel free to email me at In the meantime, enjoy the full recording of TTL #02! (Skip to 2:41 mark for the beginning of the show).



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