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{“result”: {“name”: “com.topcoder.direct.services.view.action.roadmap.PublicRoadMapAction”,”return”: {“upcoming”:[{"milestone":"Photo Uploader Finished","project":"TC - Studio - Member Profiles","detail":"All profiles can now upload the correct photo size which eliminates the aspect ratio problems","date":"August 22, 2012"},{"milestone":"Copilot Stats Improvement","project":"TC - Cockpit Performance Improvements 1","detail":"Move copilot stats to data warehouse","date":"August 23, 2012"},{"milestone":"Site launch","project":"TC EOI","detail":"Full launch of new site with basic site map","date":"August 23, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release 2","project":"TC - Security Groups - 1","detail":"http://community.topcoder.com/wiki/display/docs/Release+Assembly+-+TopCoder+Security+Groups+-+Release+2","date":"August 27, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enterprise Dashboard - Road Map","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"The roadmap tab for the new enterprise dashboard","date":"August 27, 2012"},{"milestone":"Copilot Feedback","project":"TC - Copilot Feedback System","detail":"Adds display areas to Copilot profiles that show feedback from customers they worked with. Also includes a way for customers to record feedback about their copilot","date":"August 29, 2012"},{"milestone":"Bulk Contest Creation and Quick Creation","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Quick quick draft contest within modal window and bulk creation multiple draft contests for a project","date":"August 30, 2012"},{"milestone":"Progress tracking before and during the marathon matches","project":"TC - Analytics Productization Cockpit Work","detail":"TBD","date":"September 06, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 7","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Release Assembly 7","date":"September 06, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enterprise Dashboard - Health","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"Adds Project Health tab to the dashboard and Health Widget to the dashboard overview page.","date":"September 10, 2012"},{"milestone":"Visualizations/packaging of results","project":"TC - Analytics Productization Cockpit Work","detail":"TBD","date":"September 12, 2012"},{"milestone":"Copilot Project Listings","project":"TC - Copilot Feedback System","detail":"Adds project listing pages for each copilot that shows their project history with some stats about each","date":"September 12, 2012"},{"milestone":"Cockpit Projects / Contests Global Quick Search","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Provides Facebook style quick search for Projects / Contests","date":"September 17, 2012"},{"milestone":"Cockpit User / Project Modal Search On Type","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Update the User / Project Picker modal in Cockpit to allow search on User typing","date":"September 17, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enterprise Dashboard - Analysis Revamp 1","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"Revamp the Chart View, Table View and Volume View","date":"September 18, 2012"},{"milestone":"PACTS Credits","project":"TC - Accounting Improvements","detail":"Ability to issue credits within PACTS","date":"September 19, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enterprise Dashboard - Community V1","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"Adds Community global view to the dashboard and widget to the overview page.","date":"September 22, 2012"},{"milestone":"Completion of three assets. Create "build from building block" page and integrat","project":"TC - Mobile Platform","detail":"TBD","date":"September 30, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enterprise Dashboard - Community V2","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"Add Community Member View","date":"October 01, 2012"},{"milestone":"Project Level Document Management 1","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Upload, store and maintain all the project related documents in a centralized location","date":"October 07, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 8","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Release Assembly 8","date":"October 09, 2012"},{"milestone":"Cockpit pages to support data upload and problem formulation","project":"TC - Analytics Productization Cockpit Work","detail":"TBD","date":"October 10, 2012"},{"milestone":"Editable Game Plan - Part 1","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"TBD","date":"October 24, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 9","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Release Assembly 9","date":"November 08, 2012"},{"milestone":"Asset View - Release 1","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Simple view in your project that lists links to core deliverables - spec, arch, proto, etc.","date":"November 15, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 10","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Release Assembly 10","date":"December 06, 2012"},{"milestone":"Asset View - Release 2","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"TBD","date":"December 19, 2012"},{"milestone":"Get feedback, revise update that page, create and integrate two more assets.","project":"TC - Mobile Platform","detail":"TBD","date":"December 31, 2012"},{"milestone":"Activity Stream for project","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"TBD","date":"January 01, 2013"},{"milestone":"Asset View - Release 3","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"TBD","date":"January 23, 2013"}],”overdue”:[{"milestone":"Presentation Template Design Contest","project":"TopCoder Mobile Case Study PPT Presentation","detail":"Create Storyboard Design of Presentation","date":"April 09, 2012"},{"milestone":"Presentation Template Creation Contest","project":"TopCoder Mobile Case Study PPT Presentation","detail":"Get Editable .ppt file by Presentation Contest","date":"April 15, 2012"},{"milestone":"Revised start project workflow. Creation of first asset. Cleanup of first asset.","project":"TC - Mobile Platform","detail":"TBD","date":"June 30, 2012"},{"milestone":"Country Eligibility Check","project":"TC - Analytics Development Env","detail":"Country Eligibility Check","date":"July 30, 2012"},{"milestone":""Earned Date" on Badges Working","project":"TC - Studio - Member Profiles","detail":"This is a fix across all profiles.","date":"July 31, 2012"},{"milestone":"Beta site","project":"TC EOI","detail":"Private test version of site","date":"August 13, 2012"},{"milestone":"Badge Admin Tool","project":"TC - Achievement Badges for All TC Platforms","detail":"Admin tool to allow TC Admins to manage badges for members.","date":"August 14, 2012"},{"milestone":"Copilot Badges","project":"TC - Studio - Member Profiles","detail":"Initial Copilot Badges live on profiles. It will be a manual process to set the badges.","date":"August 15, 2012"},{"milestone":"All Projects View Improvement","project":"TC - Cockpit Performance Improvements 1","detail":"Only show active/draft/completed projects in 'Project" tab by default, user can choose to view Deleted or Archived.","date":"August 15, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 6","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Release Assembly 6","date":"August 16, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enterprise Dashboard - Pipeline","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"Adds Pipeline tab to dashboard and pipeline widget to overview page.","date":"August 20, 2012"}],”completed”:[{"milestone":"Copilot Feedback - Approval List Prototype","project":"TC - Feedback Process","detail":"Create approval list prototype.","date":"August 18, 2012"},{"milestone":"Project to Billing Account Mapping","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Selection of billing accounts when setting up contests will be restricted to a set of billing accounts that are defined for the project.","date":"August 16, 2012"},{"milestone":"Project Metrics Report","project":"TC - Accounting Improvements","detail":"This adds a report that focuses on a rollup of project meta stats - costs, start/end, status, fulfillment, etc. It allows us to remove some of this detail from the All Projects page, which will improve that page's performance.","date":"July 26, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enterprise Dashboard - Financial","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"Add financial tab and Financial and Total Spend widget in the overview page.","date":"July 25, 2012"},{"milestone":"TopCoder Software Contest Detail Page Update","project":"TC - Cockpit Software Milestones","detail":"This will update the TopCoder Software Contest Detail page into the new style, it will also include milestone information.","date":"July 25, 2012"},{"milestone":"Copilot Feedback - Modal Window Prototype","project":"TC - Feedback Process","detail":"Create modal window prototype for copilot's feedback","date":"July 23, 2012"},{"milestone":"IBM Smart Cloud VM Integration","project":"TC - IBM Cloud Integration - 1","detail":"Users will now have the option to use IBM Smart Cloud as a VM provider.","date":"July 19, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 5","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Release Assembly 5","date":"July 19, 2012"},{"milestone":"Performance Improvement - Project Overview","project":"TC - Cockpit Performance Improvements 1","detail":"Makes better use of ajax to load the Project Overview page to improve user experience.","date":"July 18, 2012"},{"milestone":"General Studio Improvements","project":"TC - Studio - Release Assemblies","detail":"Fixes the past contests filtering and other misc improvements.","date":"July 18, 2012"},{"milestone":"Copilot Feedback - Modal Window Design","project":"TC - Feedback Process","detail":"Create modal window graphic for copilot's feedback","date":"July 17, 2012"},{"milestone":"Decommission Marathon Access via Arena Applet","project":"TC - Analytics Productization Cockpit Work","detail":"Usage stats state that Arena usage for Marathon matches is pretty low. We are deprecating access to focus more effort on improving the web version of the app.","date":"July 16, 2012"},{"milestone":"Bug Race Enhancements","project":"TC - Cockpit Bug Race Integration - 2 ","detail":"Adds edit buttons, better file attachment controls","date":"July 10, 2012"},{"milestone":"Review Type","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Adds Review Type indicator to Cockpit contest screens","date":"July 09, 2012"},{"milestone":"Past Contest Filter Panel - Bug Race Complete","project":"TC - Studio - Studio UI Enhancements ","detail":"Problems with the searching panel are fixed.","date":"July 09, 2012"},{"milestone":"Studio CCA Integration","project":"TC - Studio - CCA Integration","detail":"Studio CCA Integration","date":"June 28, 2012"},{"milestone":"TopCoder Cockpit Software Milestone Management Integration","project":"TC - Cockpit Software Milestones","detail":"This will be the primary release. Contains ability for user to provide feedback to submitters and award milestone prizes.","date":"June 28, 2012"},{"milestone":"Feedback tab added to Cockpit","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Adds a feedback tab for users to send feedback/issues/requests to support.","date":"June 28, 2012"},{"milestone":"Bulk Draft Contest Edit","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Edit multiple draft contests at once for a project","date":"June 27, 2012"},{"milestone":"Studio Copilots - Finish Training Session 1","project":"TC - Studio - Community Enhancement","detail":"Seven new copilots will complete Lesson 1, 2, 3 and 4 and be prepared to enter staff-directed copilot opportunities.","date":"June 26, 2012"},{"milestone":"JSGantt version game plan view (time scale supported)","project":"TC - Cockpit Game Plan V2","detail":"Try JSGantt javascript lib to provide a better read-only game plan view. Contests with different status which has different colored gantt bar. 4 levels Time scale are supported : day, week, month, quater.","date":"June 26, 2012"},{"milestone":"Improved contest phase change emails for customers/managers/copilots","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Updates the content to be friendlier for users that are managing competitions as opposed to competing.","date":"June 21, 2012"},{"milestone":"Project Permission Set","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Allow user to view & edit project permissions in project dashboard","date":"June 21, 2012"},{"milestone":"Project Type and Category - Part 1","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Set project type & Category in the edit project page. Show project type & category in project overview.","date":"June 21, 2012"},{"milestone":"Project Notification / Contests Notification Set","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Allow to manage project notification (forum) and contests notification (timeline and forum) in Edit Project page. Each user will have one row in Edit Project page.","date":"June 21, 2012"},{"milestone":"Add Support for Attachments to Bug Race creation in Cockpit","project":"TC - Cockpit Bug Race Integration - 2 ","detail":"Add Support for Attachments to Bug Race creation in Cockpit","date":"June 21, 2012"},{"milestone":"Final merge","project":"TC - Security Groups - 1","detail":"All previous assemblies are merged to a branch of the current trunk.","date":"June 18, 2012"},{"milestone":"PayPal Automation - Part 1","project":"TC - Accounting Improvements","detail":"Automates the sending of member payments to PayPal. Uses the PayPal API where PACTS will call out to PayPal to generate and send appropriate payment data.","date":"June 15, 2012"},{"milestone":"Enable TC registration on short form reg pages","project":"TC - Registration Revamp","detail":"mobile, analytics, reg2, ppt","date":"June 14, 2012"},{"milestone":"Platform Fees","project":"TC - Accounting Improvements","detail":"Add support for platform fees in Cockpit","date":"June 14, 2012"},{"milestone":"Member Participation Metrics Improvement","project":"TC - Cockpit Performance Improvements 1","detail":"Move member participation stats to data warehouse.","date":"June 14, 2012"},{"milestone":"New 'Create Project Flow'","project":"TC - Analytics Productization Cockpit Work","detail":"TBD","date":"June 14, 2012"},{"milestone":"Public Release Page For TopCoder","project":"TC - Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard","detail":"A public page in Cockpit listing all the TopCoder releases without the need to login. The milestones are displayed in 3 tabs.","date":"June 12, 2012"},{"milestone":"PACTS Group By Feature","project":"TC - Accounting Improvements","detail":"Allows admin PACTS users to group and view payments by handle, type, status, method, payment date, creation date","date":"June 11, 2012"},{"milestone":"Launch Complete Studio Copilot Training","project":"TC - Studio - Community Enhancement","detail":"All Lessons complete and ready for Copilot training in MindFlash. Design is also finalized.","date":"June 06, 2012"},{"milestone":"New Permission Type 'Report'","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Add a new permission type to allow users to view reports only, user will not be able to see project/contest detail, and settings.","date":"June 06, 2012"},{"milestone":"Contest Attachment Settings","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"Restricted contest attachments so they are only available to members that register for the contest and users with a role on the contest.","date":"June 05, 2012"},{"milestone":"Member Handle Validation Upgrade 1","project":"TC - Registration Revamp","detail":"First release of member handle validation that prevents the use of offensive words in the TC /reg site.","date":"May 31, 2012"},{"milestone":"Miscellaneous","project":"TC - Security Groups - 1","detail":"Customer admin creation, sending multiple group invitations, auditing.","date":"May 25, 2012"},{"milestone":"TC Profile Badges - Progress Meters - Storyboard Bug Race Finished","project":"TC - Studio - Member Profiles","detail":"All of the current progress achievements designed on the new meters.","date":"May 23, 2012"},{"milestone":"Add Bug Race to DHTMLX version Game Plan","project":"TC - Cockpit Game Plan V2","detail":"add the bug race to the DHTMLX version game plan","date":"May 22, 2012"},{"milestone":"Launch Studio Copilot Training Part 2","project":"TC - Studio - Community Enhancement","detail":"Lesson 3 will be complete, tested and ready for the new group of Studio copilots.","date":"May 21, 2012"},{"milestone":"Studio Contest Registration Check - Country","project":"TC - Community Improvements and Additions - 2012","detail":"Adds some checking to the registration process for restricted countries.","date":"May 21, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 2012.004","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"release assembly 4","date":"May 17, 2012"},{"milestone":"Revamp status icons for contests","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Use the new status color and icons for the contest list view, calendar view and gantt view","date":"May 17, 2012"},{"milestone":"Search-Delete Groups","project":"TC - Security Groups - 1","detail":"Groups can be searched-deleted.","date":"May 12, 2012"},{"milestone":"General Project Info Export","project":"TC - Cockpit Project Dashboard - 1","detail":"Export the general project information in project overview page to CSV file.","date":"May 10, 2012"},{"milestone":"Bug Race Contest Fee Integration","project":"TC - Cockpit Bug Race Integration - 2 ","detail":"Automatically process Bug Race contest fees. This is currently not visible for customers in Cockpit.","date":"May 09, 2012"},{"milestone":"% Based Contest Fees - User Screens","project":"TC - Accounting Improvements","detail":"Start using % based fees. It will calculate correctly when setting up contests, receipts, reports, etc.","date":"May 08, 2012"},{"milestone":"Launch Studio Copilot Training Part 1","project":"TC - Studio - Community Enhancement","detail":"Lesson 1 and 2 will be complete and ready for more beta copilot training in MindFlash.","date":"May 02, 2012"},{"milestone":"Member Payments - Member Profile Page Updates","project":"TC - Community Improvements and Additions - 2012","detail":"Adds some convenience additions to the pages, allowing for exporting to excel and seeing a summary of payments.","date":"May 02, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release new Facebook covers for TC and Studio","project":"TC - Studio - Community Enhancement","detail":"Upload and configure new FB cover photos in both profiles","date":"May 01, 2012"},{"milestone":"Badge Reference Page Live","project":"TC - Studio - Member Profiles","detail":"A page the references all the potential badges will be available.","date":"May 01, 2012"},{"milestone":"Competition Registration Eligibility Check - /TC","project":"TC - Software Community Revamp 1","detail":"Adds a check to the registration process to validate against certain countries.","date":"April 30, 2012"},{"milestone":"Account Specific web area for Notus","project":"TC - Software Community Revamp 1","detail":"This includes a secured area to keep documentation and shared assets.","date":"April 30, 2012"},{"milestone":"Invitations Approvals","project":"TC - Security Groups - 1","detail":"Invitations and approvals workflows","date":"April 27, 2012"},{"milestone":"Create-Update Group - Permission Propagation","project":"TC - Security Groups - 1","detail":"Create-Update Group Pages. Group permissions are propagated to Direct, OR and Studio applications","date":"April 23, 2012"},{"milestone":"Release Assembly 2012.003","project":"TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012","detail":"* [TCCC-4056] – Cockpit Contest Dashboard Timeline update * [TCCC-4071] – Cockpit Copilot Intro Page Update * [TCCC-4072] – Cockpit Copilot Carousel * [TCCC-4074] – Cockpit: Get a Copilot Step 1 * [TCCC-4076] – Cockpit: Get a Copilot”,”date”:”April 23, 2012″},{“milestone”:”Enterprise Roadmap View – V1″,”project”:”TC – Cockpit Enterprise Dashboard”,”detail”:”Adds a calendar view of all project milestones for a give account.”,”date”:”April 23, 2012″},{“milestone”:”Landing page and initial start project workflow”,”project”:”TC – Mobile Platform”,”detail”:”Landing page and initial start project workflow”,”date”:”April 16, 2012″},{“milestone”:”Analytics landing page”,”project”:”TC – Analytics Productization Cockpit Work”,”detail”:”TBD”,”date”:”April 12, 2012″},{“milestone”:”Approval Phase Integration”,”project”:”TC Cockpit Release Assemblies 2012″,”detail”:”Integrate the contest approval phase into Cockpit”,”date”:”April 12, 2012″},{“milestone”:”Basic Bug Race and Issue Creation”,”project”:”TC – Cockpit Bug Race Integration – 2 “,”detail”:”Users can create bug races and Jira tickets via Cockpit. The issues are still logged in Jira. Some fields will be auto-set by Cockpit.”,”date”:”April 05, 2012″},{“milestone”:”All Projects Update”,”project”:”TC – Cockpit Project Dashboard – 1″,”detail”:”Adds new actions and icons to the Projects page. Also updated the status colors to start making them consistent.”,”date”:”March 31, 2012″},{“milestone”:”Create Bug Hunt as Part of Assembly Contest”,”project”:”TopCoder Bug Hunt Integration”,”detail”:”Auto create a but hunt contest as part of creating an assembly contest.”,”date”:”March 30, 2012″},{“milestone”:”View Group Details”,”project”:”TC – Security Groups – 1″,”detail”:”View Group Details Page”,”date”:”March 27, 2012″},{“milestone”:”Cockpit All Projects Management Update”,”project”:”TC – Cockpit Project Dashboard – 1″,”detail”:”Update all projects management page to include new status icons, project filters via project metadata, add links to edit project and project forum.”,”date”:”March 27, 2012″}]}}}