October 22, 2020

What is Episerver and Why Should You Use It?

Content Management System (CMS) is a software application used for managing, creating, and publishing digital content (enterprise or web content) without any development. One of the most well-known and leading players in this market is Episerver.

The aim of the Episerver platform is to solve marketing, branding and lead generation problems. Editors can easily create new digital experiences that are automatically sensitive with its simple to use drag-and-drop authoring feature. In other words, it is not only for developers, but also for non-technical individuals.

One of its good selling points is that it allows you to create templates and very flexible page layouts. The template and blocks are semi-unique for Episerver.

As a developer, you should consider using Episerver as its API is pretty well documented. So, chances are that problems you might encounter with its API have a written solution and can easily be fixed.

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Episerver takes advantage of what AI has to offer. It not only speeds up the development and deployment of website features, it also definitely helps the overall experience of end users.

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From a technical perspective, Episerver is based on the .NET/ASP.NET framework. This makes it easier for developers to introduce solutions quickly using Visual Studio extensions, to integrate with other systems and platforms in a much more versatile way, and to dramatically boost performance using the integrated .NET cache functions.


By nature, Episerver is compatible with DevOps. It matches the agile development team well, and works with software that offers continuous integration and continuous delivery. Episerver sites can be easily deployed to a distributed system that promotes availability and scalability.

headless vs. traditional 3

It also provides coupled, decoupled, and headless architecture so you can easily control and edit all your content for all your applications from one Episerver instance. The website presentation layer in a “headless” approach is decoupled from the back-end content management and e-commerce features. For example, this is useful when pulling content data into other systems, making it available on any output device for display.


Episerver does not impose any restrictions nor impact on front-end development. You can use any framework like Angular, Vue, or React without the complication and complexity. Getting a great API for channel and technology content distribution means you can concentrate on serving more consumers and taking advantage of well-equipped technologies.

By offering strong, native integration with the tools and platforms developers are already familiar with, Episerver decreases developer training and adoption barriers. Episerver blends perfectly into the current workflow and toolset of most developers.

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