November 1, 2018

What is a Bug Bash?


The primary objective of a bug bash is to fix a number of issues in either a subset of code, or an entire project. Submitters do not need to work on all of the bugs as part of their submission - instead, each defect is assigned a dollar value.

You can review defects based on prize amount, severity, complexity and work on as many defects as you like (but only one defect at a time).

How long do bug bashes last?

Bug bashes will remain open until all bugs are resolved - typically this takes about 5 to 7 days.

How do I participate in a bug bash?

  1. Register for the bug bash contest, and ask for repo access in the contest forum.

  2. Review the open defects that are labeled ‘Open for Pickup’ and decide which one you would like to tackle first.

  3. If you find a defect you’d like to work on, simply assign the defect to yourself.

  4. You must update the label to “In Progress”, and remove the “Open For Pickup” label.

  5. Each registrant may only assign one issue to themselves at a time.


Self assign > code > submit a pull request > look for the next issue > repeat.

Prize Amounts

Each issue will have a dollar value assigned - this can range anywhere from $5.00 to $100 based on complexity and size. This may slightly change based on the project.

Some things to note:

  • Each issue has a dollar value. Dollar values are based upon complexity and priority of issue.

  • You can assign any unassigned issue to yourself with a “Open for Pickup” (first come first serve).

  • You must update the label to “In Progress”, and remove the “Open For Pickup” label.

  • You can only self assign one issue at a time. The nature of it being assigned will indicate if it is not available to anyone else.

  • You will fix the ticket as a pull request to the master branch

  • Once a ticket is fixed, you should label it “Ready for Review” where it will then be verified. If something is still broken, the copilot will comment on the ticket.

  • After submitting and tagging “Ready for Review” you are eligible to accept another. You can do as many tickets as you want, as long as you follow the rules above.

  • If the ticket is fixed properly, your pull request will be merged in, and the ticket will be marked “Solution Accepted”.

  • If the ticket is rejected, it should be your first priority to fix the issue.

  • When the ticket is closed, payment will be recorded, and ticket tagged “Payment Required”, when we issue the payment the tag will be updated to “Paid”

  • If an assigned task is not done in 8 hours, you will be unassigned from the ticket, and it will be opened back up to the community.

  • You can ask questions directly on the ticket comments.

  • Bug Bashes are different than Bug Hunts - please make sure to check the contest type in the contest name when registering.

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Group 9

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