January 11, 2021

Challenge Specification Templates


Challenges at Topcoder often fit into specific categorgies and lend themselves to reusable templates. This helps in many aspects. Among the benefits are:

  • Keeps challenges consistent for members

  • Removes overhead on challenge managers and copilots

  • Increased success of challenges

  • Reduces time to review the challenge

  • Improves the accuracy of submissions

When you create a challenge at Topcoder, always first try to start from a template. Doing so will guide you to a successful challenge and remove a lot of work for you.


Soon, you will be able to select from templates when creating challenges in https://challenges.topcoder.com. For now, they reside here and can be copy/pasted into your challenge.

If you have any questions about challenge specifications and templates, please email support@topcoder.com.

Group 9
Group 9

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