April 11, 2019

What is QA?

One of the key drivers of Digital Transformation within large organizations is the mass consumerization of technology. In this brave new ‘connected’ world, organizations are forced to adopt new technologies to keep pace with digitalization.

Testing is also part of this transformation and plays a critical role in the organization’s business strategy. It bears a striking similarity to the ‘pit stop’ paradigm in Formula One racing. The modern pit stop is a fascinating choreography of technology execution and efficiency that separates the winners from the crowd. This is very similar to how we see Quality Engineering in the new world. The nirvana state of driving ‘Zero Cost of Quality’ which was the primary goal of Enterprise IT of yesteryear, has progressively transformed to drive ‘Quality at zero impedance’.

At Topcoder, we are constantly on the look-out for individuals who can run our ‘pit stops’. Here’s all you need to know about QA challenges/contests at Topcoder.

QA challenges on Topcoder are all identified with a technology tag of QA. These challenges can include:

  • Unstructured Testing: no test cases, find bugs through using the application like an end user.

  • Structured Testing: This type of QA challenge involves executing test cases and reporting the results.

  • Structured Test Case Writing: In these challenges you will be writing test cases for an application based on requirements documentation and/or a look at the application itself.

  • Automated Testing: This can involve writing automated test scripts for an application using tools such as Selenium.

We are always working to add new ways to perform QA with Topcoder – make sure to check the QA technology tag frequently.

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Group 9