February 26, 2019


We engage certain sub-processors to deliver and provision our services. The list of sub-processors, their usage and location is provided below.

Third Party Service/ VendorUseEntity Country
Amazon Web Services, Inc.All core TC core services/platforms [Web logs (including request source-ips)]USA
Segment.IOFront-end / web analytics aggregation [IP addresses, user IDs]USA
SumoLogicLog aggregation and analysis [IP Addresses from web logs]USA
Auth0Authentication [User names, emails, IP addresses)]USA
ZenDeskTicketing system for support requests. Users create tickets and then communicate within each ticket. Users are identified by email address.USA
MailchimpEmail campaign management system. User emails, first name, last name are leveraged by the software.USA
SendGridTransactional email management system. User emails, first name, last name are leveraged by the software.USA
CloudKarafkaService eventing [contains user data in various events]USA
LookerReporting and Analytics platform. Presents user, challenge, project, etc. data to authenticated users for reporting and analysis. Data is hosted on our AWS.USA
SentryFront end error logging. Captures and reports an event log for front end browser errors. Includes IP and error message.USA
HeapTracks user activity on front end apps. Records heat maps and user journeys. User info is anonymous.USA
DocuSignDocument management platform used to capture signed documents from users, such as NDAs. Email address is captured. May include contest specific personal data.USA
GsuiteBusiness correspondence and collaboration [email addresses]USA
DriftMarketing chat integration that allows a user to chat with a Topcoder representative. No personal data captured other than what the user shares.USA
HubSpotMarketing automation software.USA
Google AnalyticsStandard web analytics tracking.USA
Frank, Rimerman + Co.Tabulate Tax FormsUSA
InstaPageWeb landing pages (like https://www.topcoder.com/staging/x1) [Web logs / IP addresses]USA
SlackCommunication (internally, with TC members, with clients). [User names, email]USA
ChameleonProvides tours in the front end app to end users. Data provided to Chameleon is similar to what is in Google Analytics and Segment.ioUSA
QualtricsTo create surveys, reports on results from surveys and create polls.USA
Survey monkeyTo launch any kind of online survey project, be it for the purpose of market research, a quick poll, competitive analysis or customer or the employee feedbackUSA
Group 9
Group 9

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