March 7, 2019

How to install The Arena plug-ins

Let’s go step by step to know how to use the plugins:

There is many possible configuration sets of plugins, you can use Standard Editor, KawigiEdit, a set of FileEdit + CodeProcessor + TZTester or create your custom plugin.

Here follows instructions how to configure a FileEdit + CodeProcessor + TZTester pack:

1). Download FileEdit.jar, TZTester.jar and CodeProcessor.jar here.
2). Put the three files in one folder where you will not move later on.
3). Launch the Arena and go to OptionsEditor
4). Press the Add button.
5). Browse the FileEdit.jar file and type “FileEdit” in the “Name” text box and “fileedit.EntryPoint” in the “EntryPoint” text box. And then press OK
6). Highlight the FileEdit and press configure.
7). Make sure that the Enter Directory is set to the desktop to be accessed quickly.
8). Go to Code Template and choose the programming language you are using. Note, if you choosed a diferent language than your default language; the plug-ins will not work correctly. You can set your default language from the Arena at any time by following the next steps:
      a) Go to “options” menu above in the Arena and choose “setup user preferences”
      b) Select the second tab “Editors”
      c) choose your default language.

9). You can add to the code template any includes or functions that you always use for faster use next time and Click Save and close.
10). Now Click Add again.
11). Type “CodeProcessor” in the “Name” text box and “codeprocessor.EntryPoint” in the “EntryPoint” text box.
12). Click on the Browse button. With your cursor, highlight FileEdit.jar AND TZTester.jar AND CodeProcessor.jar. You may need to press alt on PC or command on Mac to select all three files. Press OK
13). Select CodeProcessor and press Configure.
14). Type “fileedit.EntryPoint” in the “Editor EntryPoint” text box. If you press Configure and you will see the file edit Configration like in step 7.
15). Type “tangentz.TZTester” in the “Processor Class” text box. Then Click Verify and a window appear with OK button, click OK.
16). Click Save.
17). Let the CodeProcessor be your Default Editor, and Click Save.
18). Enjoy Coding.

Group 9
Group 9

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