April 25, 2017

How to Compete in SRM Algorithm Competitions

General Topcoder Arena Usage / Getting Started

1). Become a Topcoder Member
2). What is the Topcoder Arena?
3). How to Run the Topcoder Arena
a) What software will you need to install?
b). Running the Topcoder Arena as an Applet or by using Java Web Start
c). Local Firewall and Network Considerations
d). HTTP Tunneling
4). Logging in to the Topcoder Arena
5). General Usage and the Various Lobbies
6). Chatting / Asking Questions
a). General Chat
b). ReplyTo
c). Whisper
d). Admin
e). Auto-Enhanced Chat
f). Emoting
7). Other Members in the Arena
a). Getting Information about another Member
b). Finding Another Member
c). Seeing Who’s in the Arena
8). Moving Around
9). The Leader Board

Practicing / Training in the Topcoder Arena
1). The Practice Rooms
a). Timing in the Practice Room
b). Selecting a Problem
c). System Testing
d). The Room Summary
e). Challenging
f). Clearing Problems

Competing in a Rated Event
1). When are the Rated Events?
2). How does a Rated Event Differ from the Practice Room?
3). Registration for a Single Round Match
4). Division One versus Division Two
5). Room Assignments - Getting to Your Room
6). The Phases of a Rated Event
a). The Coding Phase
b). The Challenge Phase
c). The System-Testing Phase
7). Code Obfuscation
8). Excessive / Extra Code Rule
9). Broadcast Messages
10). Getting the Status of Other Competitors
a). The Leader Board
b). The Room Summary Window
11). Getting Help
12). Determining Score
13). Rating Changes
14). Web Site Statistics
15). Problems in the Practice Rooms
16). What if You Do Not Agree with the Results?
17). Problem Set Analysis and Discussion
18). Getting Disconnected from the Arena
19). Cheating at Topcoder
20). Using Pre-Written Code
21). Topcoder Arena Plug-ins

The Coding Window
1). The Problem Statement
2). Choosing a Language
3). Creating a Solution
4). Compiling
5). User Testing
6). Submitting
7). Saving
8). Clearing the Code
9). The Timer

The Problem Arguments Window
1). Examples
2). Simple Data Types
3). Complex Data Types

The Room Summary Window
1). Spectating
2). Challenging
3). Division Summary

Group 9
Group 9

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