November 2, 2019

Design Challenge Types

At Topcoder, we are focused on creating great technology and application “human experiences” for our customers. Topcoder customers expect our community of Designers and Information Architects to know the fundamentals of user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) design. We are looking for you to concept visual solutions and ideas that help solve our customer’s enterprise business problems. The types of challenges we offer are focused on delivering new experiences through exploration (Think), iteration (Create) and prototyping (Build).

Information Architecture

Wireframe challenges are designed to take customer ideas, application requirements or business requirement documents and create a black and white clickable user experience guide. Wireframes are not focused on the look and feel of the application but on understanding application requirements, interface interactions, and a potential user experience.

The end result of a Wireframe challenge is a fully navigable representation of all of the pages and interactions for the application as well as a visual sitemap.

Idea Generation
This unique type of challenge asks competitors to conceptualize an idea and present it in written format, often with drawings or sketches to help explain the idea. Idea Generation Challenges are the easiest challenges to get started learning about how to compete on Topcoder. Everyone in the Topcoder Community is encouraged to try an Idea Generation Challenge at least once!

UI/UX/CX Design

Application and Web Design
Topcoder design challenges are oftentimes referred to as “Storyboard” Challenges. The output of this challenge is a “flat” graphic JPG/PNG files. This challenge is focused on the user experience and capturing each step/screen a potential user will see.

You are only creating the design. Nothing about the storyboards is interactive or functional. Here are a few examples of “storyboard” challenges:

  • A 2-3 screen storyboard of an iPad Application

  • A multi-page Responsive storyboard contest asking designers to create the mobile and desktop views for a business application

  • A storyboard design exploring design concepts for a new mobile application.

Many customers start with design concepts challenge to get ideas for the potential look and feel or potential application features. They then choose a winner and run another challenge to apply the winning look and feel to the overall application or website.

Design Concepts

Competitors are asked to provide design concepts and ideas and often do not have strict requirements to follow. These challenges are a lot of fun because designers have more free reign to showcase their ideas on application features, layout, user flow and overall presentation.

LUX (Live User Experience)

The LUX is a “Live User Experience” Design Challenge that we like to run as a fast (24 to 48 hour) design challenge to get quick exploration and new concepts on a user experience problem. We typically run these “Live” at a customer event or a conference. The LUX Challenge Series provides designers with an opportunity to show digital leaders from some of the largest brands in the world just how good your user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design skills are. LUX challenges are fast, fun, and have more chances for you to capture prize money.

RUX (Rapid User Experience)

The RUX is a “Rapid User Experience” Design Challenge that we like to run as a fast (3 day) design challenge to get quick exploration and new concepts on a customer design problem. RUX challenges are focused on Mobile design concepts and are limited to 7 key mobile application screens plus a presentation screen showcasing your idea!


Icons are designed for websites, applications, mobile apps, and anywhere else where icons may be used. Challenges could require just a few icons or a larger set.

Presentation Design

Presentation design challenges organize marketing or sales material into a professional design. Challenges include:

  • Powerpoint/Google Slide designs

  • Infographics designs

Group 9
Group 9

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